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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Friday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed Alternate Fridays
Calendar Of City Office Closures

Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8460

Mark Houghton, Public Works Director

Standard Plans and Specifications

Standard Specifications

Standard Plans:


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Standard Layout for Improvement Plans E-1
Standard Drafting Symbols E-2
Standard Drafting Symbols E-3
General Notes E-4
General Notes E-5
General Notes E-6
Typical Lot Grading Detail E-7
Lot Utility Layout E-8
Property Line Retaining Wall E-9


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Typical Grease Interceptor M-1
Typical Sand-Silt and Oil Interceptor M-2
Small Refuse/Recycling Masonry Block Enclosure M-3A
Medium Refuse/Recycling Masonry Block Enclosure M-3B
Large Refuse/Recycling Masonry Block Enclosure M-3C
Concrete Precast Fence M-6


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Sanitary Sewer Profile Data S-1
Sanitary Sewer Profile Data S-2
Sanitary Sewer Manhole 6 thru 33 Diameter Pipes S-3
Sanitary Sewer Manhole 36 thru 42 Diameter Pipes S-4
Intersection for 24 Diameter Pipe and Smaller S-5
Outside Sewer Drop Manhole S-6
Inside Sewer Drop Manhole S-7
Manhole Frame and Cover Assembly S-8
Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Cone S-9
Main Line Clean-Out S-10
Main Clean-Out Frame and Cover Assembly S-11
Sewer Lateral S-12
Clean-Out Riser S-13
Clean-Out Riser For Deep Sewer Lateral S-13A
Tapping for Sewer Mains S-14
Sewer Connection S-15

Storm Drain

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Storm Drain Manhole 12” thru 33” Dia. Pipe D-1
Separation Manhole D-2
Manhole Frame and Cover Assembly D-3
Curb Inlet Type I D-4
Curb Inlet Type II D-5
Storm Drain Basin Inlet/Outlet Structure D-6
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Storm Drain Inlet Marker D-7


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All Weather Roads ST-1
Standard Street Cross Sections ST-2
Standard Street Cross Sections ST-3
Curb Radius Geometrics for New Construction ST-4
Curb Radius Geometrics for Existing Roadways ST-5
Sidewalk Details ST-6
Vertical Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk ST-7
Driveways for Vertical Curb and Gutter ST-8A
Modified Driveways for Vertical Curb and Gutter ST-8B
Special Commercial Driveway ST-9
Drive-Over Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk ST-10
Vertical Curb Transition to Drive-Over Curb ST-11
Wheelchair Ramp for 5' Sidewalk ST-12
Wheelchair Ramp for 10' Sidewalk ST-13
Pavement Design Chart and Street Cross Section ST-14
Monument Box Detail ST-15
Standard Monument Box Frame and Cover Assembly ST-16
Street Name Installation on Electrolier ST-18
Traffic, Parking, and Street Name Signs ST-19
Barricade for Stubbed Streets ST-20
Barricade for Roadway Transition ST-21
Lane Reduction Transition ST-22
Standard Tree Well Location ST-23
Arterial Tree Well Street Tree Planting ST-24
Street Trees ST-25
Residential Street Tree Planting ST-26
Street Light Requirements ST-27
Cast-In-Place Concrete Footing ST-28
Embedded Steel Poles for Street Lighting ST-29
Standard Cul-de-Sac ST-30
Alignment For 90-degree Street Intersections ST-31
Sound Wall Design Criteria ST-32
Sound Walls ST-33
Traffic Median Curb ST-34
Parking Area Curbs ST-35
Highway Barrier With Chain-Link Fence ST-36
Arterial Streetscape Criteria A ST-37
Arterial Streetscape Criteria B ST-38
Bus/Landscape Maintenance Turnout ST-39
Emergency Vehicle and Refuse Truck Turn Around ST-40
Crosswalk/Stop Bar Placement ST-41
Model Home Fencing in Subdivision Street ST-42


Click here to view all Underground documents
Pipe Materials U-1
Large Diameter Sewer and Storm Drain Pipe U-2A
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Storm Drain Pipe U-2B
Location of City Utilities U-3
Trench Backfill for New Subdivision Street U-4
Trench Backfill in Existing Streets U-5
Trench Backfill Outside Street Areas (P.U.E.) U-6
Trench backfill for PVC Pipe U-7
Underground Utility Crossing U-8
Casing Requirements for Jacking or Boring U-9
Boring and Trenching of City Streets U-10


Click here to view all Water documents
Water Line Design Criteria W-1
Water Line Design Criteria W-2
Temporary Connection Water Main Extension W-3
Required Bearing Area of Thrust Block W-4
Required Bearing Area of Thrust Block W-5
Standard Valve Box W-6
Below Grade Water Line Blow-Off W-7
Fire Hydrant W-8
Approved Fire Hydrants W-9A
1 Plastic Water Service W-9
1 1/2 and 2 Polyethylene Water Service W-10
Standard Water Service Installations 3-in and Larger W-11
Standard Tree Well Irrigation Detail W-12
Blank W-13
Hot Taps W-14
Reduced Pressure/Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Device W-15
Above Ground Large Meter Installation W-16
Air Release Valve W-17
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