City Of Manteca

CAMPRS Volunteer Program


​​Community Ambassadors for Manteca Parks and Recreation Services
The primary purpose of the Community Ambassadors for Manteca Parks and Recreation Services (CAMPRS) is to be community ambassadors on behalf of Manteca Parks and Recreation, representing and assisting the department in support of its mission and vision. CAMPRS will augment and enhance community engagement and the delivery of Parks and Recreation Services in Manteca, promoting participation and volunteer opportunities for individuals, youths, families and groups. They will provide a community branch of service delivery that will work with Parks and Recreation staff, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of community resources.



Volunteers/CAMPRS touch a community in many ways and open avenues for better communication between city government and its residents. Today, more than ever, communities rely on the willingness of citizens to work together to enhance public services. In the City of Manteca, volunteers enrich the community every day by giving the time of their lives. Every volunteer is placed on an individual basis according to their skills and qualifications, goals and organization/ department needs. If the events or programs offered do not fit into what you or your organization is looking for, it is possible for us to tailor a project to fit your needs.

CAMPRS’ tasks are to support, actively promote, and assist the Manteca Parks and Recreation Department in the following areas:
  • Youth Programs
  • Youth Sports Coach
  • Special Events
  • Adopt-a-Park
  • Pre-school Assistant
  • Kids Zone Assistant
  • Family Programs
  • Office Assistant
Contact the Parks and Recreation office at (209) 456-8600 for more information. The opportunities and benefits are endless.

Click here to download the CAMPRS Volunteer Application
Click here to download the CAMPRS Program Brochure