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Q:    What is Measure Z?

A: The Manteca City Council placed Measure Z on the November 3, 2020 local ballot. If approved by voters, Measure Z would provide a reliable, local funding source to maintain core city services. No Measure Z funding could be taken by the State.            
Q: Why was Measure Z placed on the ballot? 
A: If enacted, Measure Z would help address local public safety, emergency preparedness, infrastructure, and other core city services identified by the community as priorities through the City’s engagement efforts in recent months. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that communities our size will get any significant stimulus money from the state or federal governments for Manteca’s health, safety, and economic recovery.

Q:  How does Measure Z impact public safety and emergency response? 
A:  Measure Z would provide locally controlled funding that would help maintain and enhance fire protection services, successful crime prevention programs, emergency response times, community-based neighborhood patrols, and disaster preparedness. 

Q:  Does Measure Z address road safety and repair?
A: Yes. Manteca maintains over 450 miles of local streets with $41 million in deferred maintenance. Measure Z would allow the City to address deteriorating roads and maintain city streets and pothole repair. This, in turn, provides local good-paying jobs and helps to maintain safe roads for residents and first responders who need to reach people quickly. 

Q: What other city services does Measure Z address? 
A:  In recent community outreach and engagement, residents identified top priorities the City should focus on. Measure Z, if enacted, would address these priorities, including: 
  • Fire protection and emergency disaster preparedness 
  • Crime prevention
  • Keeping public spaces safe and clean 
  • Enhancing pothole and street repair   
  • Supporting local businesses and jobs 
  • Maintaining youth, teen, and senior recreation programs 

Q: What does Measure Z cost?
A: Measure Z is a one-percent sales tax that would generate local funding for vital city services. This means that all shoppers in Manteca, including visitors, would pay one cent per dollar on certain purchases at places like restaurants, gas stations, and retail stores. Measure Z is not a tax on your property or home. Measure Z is not applied to prescription medicine or food purchased as groceries.

Q: Is Measure Z fiscally accountable? 
A: Measure Z would require public oversight and safeguards to ensure transparency and accountability, including an Independent Citizen Oversight Committee, mandatory financial audits, public disclosure of all spending and annual updates to the community on expenditures. All Measure Z funding stays in Manteca and none can be taken by the State. 

Q: When is the election? 
A: Tuesday, November 3, 2020. To check your registration or get registered to vote, visit

Q: Where can I get more information about Measure Z?
A: The City will continue to keep the community informed about Measure Z. If you are a member of a community organization that would like to receive a presentation on Measure Z, please contact Deputy City Manager Toni Lundgren at​