City Attorney - David Nefouse
Assistant City Attorney - Carrie Woolley
City Of Manteca

Frequently Asked Questions

​What is the difference between the City Attorney and the District Attorney?

The City Attorney is appointed by the Manteca City Council. The attorneys and staff in the City Attorney's Office provide legal advice and services to the City Council, its officials, departments, employees, boards, and commissions. The City Attorney's Office also enforces the City Municipal Code. The District Attorney is an elected County official who investigates and prosecutes criminal activities throughout San Joaquin County. To contact the District Attorney's Office, call (209) 468-2400 or visit

Who does the City Attorney work for?

Under the City Municipal Code, the City Manager and City Attorney are each directly appointed by the City Council and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. The City Attorney may also provide legal advice and support for all City officers, departments, and/or employees relating to their acts that are within the course and scope of their employment or official duties.

Can the City Attorney provide legal advice to private citizens or private businesses?

No. The City Attorney is legally prohibited from representing individuals or entities in private legal matters. Attorneys in the City Attorney's Office only represent City officials, departments, agencies, and employees in the course of their official acts or business.  For questions or if you are seeking legal representation, please visit:​;; or

How can I get a copy of a Manteca Municipal Code?

Here you go -​

Who do I call to report a possible crime or City code violation?

Reports or complaints concerning any non-emergency violation of law occurring in Manteca should be made to non-emergency lines – please see: - For code violations please call 209-456-8100, then press Option 3. If the matter is an emergency, please call 911.

Does the City handle landlord/rental issues?

No. This is a private civil matter over which the City has no jurisdiction. For general questions, please see

Does the City Attorney's Office receive service of complaints, subpoenas, or filings?

No. Please contact the City Clerk -​​​​

How do I file a claim against the City?

If you believe that the City is responsible for damages to you or your property, you must file a written claim within six months of the incident. In order to meet legal requirements you must supply specific information. To assist you in meeting those requirements, the City has prepared a claim form for your use. Claim forms are available online (click here​) or from the Employee Services and Engagement Department. Original completed claims should be mailed or hand delivered to the Employee Services and Engagement Department along with copies of invoices, receipts or pictures documenting your alleged claims.
NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Manteca will accept claim forms electronically. Please email all documentation to:

A certain City department will not approve my request. What should I do?

If you are having problems with a particular Department, you are encouraged to contact a supervisor within that Department. The City Attorney's Office role is to advise the specific Department, not individuals interacting with the Department.

I need to do legal research on a private matter. Can I use the law books or resources in the City Attorney's Office for that research?

No. The legal research materials in the Office of the City Attorney are for the use of the City Attorney's Office attorneys and staff. However, legal research materials are available and open to the public at the San Joaquin County Law Library, located at 20 N Sutter St, Stockton, CA 95202, or the Sacramento County Law Library, located at 609 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

My neighbor's tree limbs and branches overhang my property. Can I trim them without my neighbor's permission? If my neighbor's tree limbs and branches fall on my property, can I make my neighbor clean them up?

This is a private civil matter. To obtain specific legal advice on your situation, you need to consult a private attorney. Please visit:​;; or

I have a small claim against someone or a business. Can the City Attorney assist with this?

Unfortunately not. If your claim is for less than $10,000, you can go to small claims court through San Joaquin County Superior Court.​​