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City Manager - Toby Wells
City Of Manteca

Outdoor Dining Expansion

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Program Overview​

The City of Manteca's Temporary Outdoor Dining Expansion Program provides an opportunity for restaurants to safely reopen by utilizing new or additional outdoor space for dining while meeting physical social distancing requirements. The program allows for the following expanded areas:


  • Expansion of restaurant activity on sidewalks where 4ft. of clearance is maintained next to the expansion area;
  • Expansion of restaurant activity into private parking lots and setback areas;
  • Expansion of restaurant activity into adjacent on-street parking spaces where appropriate;
  • Street Closures and traffic modifications that allow for the expansion of restaurant activity into public right-of-way where appropriate;
  • Expansion of restaurant activity into alleyways where appropriate.

Design Criteria

  1. The site must be kept free from litter.
  2. Restrooms shall remain open and accessible to restaurant customers.
  3. All Handicap Accessible parking shall remain accessible. 
  4. Tent structures shall be anchored or otherwise securely weighted down.
  5. The city shall be held harmless from any damages incurred by customers in the outdoor seating area.
  6. Business shall provide a minimum 3’ accessible pathway to all areas. 
  7. All outdoor tables shall be placed a minimum of 10’ apart to allow for 6' between people sitting at different tables.

Placement Diagram 2.png

If you are interested in utilizing a temporary expansion area you must first apply for a no-cost Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Use Permit from the Economic Development Division before you may begin operating an expanded outdoor space. All applicants must agree to indemnify the City and provide a certificate of insurance for the expanded activity. For more information, businesses can contact the Economic Development Division at or (209) 456–8522.

Download Permit Application Packet for Private Property

Manteca Outdoor Dining Expansion Program Packet v.11.pdf

Temporary Mobile Food Vendor Permit.pdf

If you are planning to place anything in the Public Right of Way, you will need to use the Revocable Encroachment Permit instead found here​.