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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Manteca's Economic Development Department has gathered listings of upcoming seminars, workshops, and events hosted by the SBDC, SBA, Colleges and Universities, and the City of Manteca that we believe can aid local businesses in getting through the current COVID-19​ related crisis. 

As no two businesses are alike, we advise caution on using any of the recommendations you may receive in these webinar materials. Please consult your advisors before implementing any potential solutions or new strategies. 

*The City of Manteca is not responsible for the content of any webinar or linked resource not authored by the City. Use the information you find here with care. ​

​Click the links below to view the upcoming webinars. 

10/12/20 How to Launch a Local Cottage Food Business Part II 

03:00 PM.  Click here to register Join Mani Niall , executive chef, baker and entrepreneur for his two part webinar course created to help jump start entrepreneurs on launching a local cottage food business locally and regionally.​

10/12/20 Pivoting your Retail Business Part I 

12:30 PM. Click here to register This Webinar looks into the Future of Retail and Helps Prepare Small Business Owners for What their Business will Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World.​ With the impact of the pandemic and the quarantine of their customers, retailers are facing a daunting array of short-term challenges around health and safety, supply chain, labor force, cash flow, consumer demand and marketing.

10/13/20 Finishing the Fourth Quarter Strong During a Pandemic

12:30 PM. Click here to register This Webinar Discusses what Businesses should Expect in Quarter 4 of 2020 and includes an Effective Marketing and Promotional Roadmap for How to Stay Nimble, Flexible and Focused in 2021.​ During this webinar we will discuss what businesses should expect in Q4 2020 pandemic or not, strategies for continuing to stay nimble, flexible and focused, and sharing ideas for pushing forward with an effective marketing and promotional roadmap to help finish 2020 strong and ready for 2021​.

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​​Pre-Recorded SBDC Coping with COVID Series

The content provided in the following webinars was as close to accurate as possible at the time they were recorded. We ask all viewers to understand that information presented in the following resources may have changed since the time recorded, due to the dynamics around the Covid-19 situation.​ 

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Webinar Series from Central Valley SBDC on Coping with COVID