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Director - Carl Brown
City Of Manteca

A Day Without Water - Update

​​​Thank you for joining the Day Without Water Challenge. 
Use the form below to let us know the amount of water used on 10/23/2019. 

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How much is you daily indoor water use?
NOTE: This survey is very general and won't take into account if you have water-conserving equipment in your house in our results; this exercise just to give you a quick idea of your water use.

Baths Taken
Teeth Brushings
Hand/Face Washings

Face/Leg shavings
Average shower length

Toilet Flushes
Water you drank (8 oz.)
Dishwasher Loads

Dish washing by Hand
Clothes Washing Loads
Total Gallons Used



Notice: If you would prefer to participate but remain unnamed, check this box.