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Water Conservation

Starting September 1, 2022 Do your part to conserve drinking water and sign up to get approved. See flyer

On May 24,2022, Governor Newsom signed an Executive Order requiring urban water suppliers to implement Level 2 of their Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP). On June 21, 2022 the Manteca City Council voted to adopt and set in place regulations in accordance with the Stage 2 WSCP. Under the WSCP, residents are required to a mandatory 20% reduction in water usage. These new regulations are intended to reduce water demand and improve water conservation.

Under Stage 2 water shortage conditions the City has implemented the following measures to conserve water and inform residents of the new restrictions:

  • Reduce irrigation at City-owned public facilities and parks.
  • Provide the public with additional information consisting of literature explaining City policies, speaking engagements for the public to attend, website updates, billing inserts, and conservation messages and notices printed in local newspapers.
  • Provide educational programs at local schools.

Under the Stage 2 requirements, the City of Manteca must now comply with Executive Order N 7-22 which prevents the unreasonable use of water and promotes water conservation. Under this order, the use of potable water is prohibited for irrigation of non-function turf at commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) sites.

The City of Manteca is here to assist our water customers on ways to help you save water. Below is a link the State's Resolution and a new resource, Save Our Water.

State of California Resolution (click to go to page)

Water Conservation Emergency Regulations

State of California "Save our Water" webpage (click to go to page)

Municipal Code MMC 13.04.210 - Unlawful Water Use



Water Conservation Program

​​The City of Manteca Water Conservation Program runs all year long, and has, since January 1, 2015. The City of Manteca water supply comes from 15 groundwater wells, each with a limited capacity for production. With a conscientious Water Conservation Program we can allocate the existing supply to more homes and people, while slowing down the rate at which we need to build new wells. In addition, the increased usage pulls water from the aquifers faster than it is being replenished. This creates an "over-draft" of the groundwater supply, thereby lowering the water table. The water table level in the Central Valley has been dropping steadily for over 30 years and it is time to reverse this trend. If you think about water conservation before using water, it becomes easy to use less. The majority of over-use of water is landscape watering - the tendency for the majority of the population is to use more water than is necessary which leads to run-off and waste.

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Inside Water Conservation Tips

  • Install FREE a low-flow showerhead. Available from the City of Manteca. Call for more information.  
  • Install a soak and soap valve in the shower to allow you to reduce or stop the flow without adjusting any settings.
  • Install faucet aerators.
  • Turn off the water while shaving, washing or brushing your teeth.
  • Run full loads in dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Do not use the toilet as a trash can since it requires water to flush the trash.
  • Install an ultra low flow toilet. You could save up to 20% on your water bill. Old toilets use up to 7 gallons per flush, but by switching to a new toilet you can reduce that to 1.5 - 2.0 gallons.

  • If you are interested in our rebate program for water efficient toilets click here.
  • Adjust the water level in your clothes washer to fit the load being washed.
  • Place a container of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running water to get a cold drink.

Outside Water Conservation Tips

  • Plant native or warm-season grasses and drought-tolerant or water-efficient plants.
  • Use a broom, NOT WATER, to clean sidewalks, driveways, patio and other non-landscaped areas.
  • Cover your swimming pool to reduce the amount of evaporation.
  • Install drip irrigation. It saves water and reduces weeding by placing the water only where you want it.
  • Early morning watering is ideal when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest. Mid-day watering in hot weather wastes water due to high evaporation rates.

  • Coordinate your watering schedule with the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS):

  • Check your sprinkler system weekly to guard against misdirected or broken sprinklers. Position the sprinklers to water your lawn and shrubs and not paved areas

  • Water your lawn only when it needs it. Monitor your irrigation schedule if you have an automatic timer. Adjust or deactivate your sprinklers accordingly, as needs change.

  • Mow your lawn higher during hotter months. Longer blades of grass cool the surface of the ground and reduce evaporation.
  • Use an auto-shutoff spray nozzle while washing your automobile or watering your garden.

Data and underlying analysis relied upon to determine the conservation standard reported to State Water Resources Control Board

​​Contact the Public Works Department at 456-8400 or e-mail us at for additional information on water conservation measures or to schedule a full water survey of your home or business. Trained City staff will inspect your home or business and address ways you can save water and reduce your water bill. Call the City Water Division at 456-8466 or email us at to make arrangements for a technician to assist you with programming your sprinkler timer.