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City of Manteca Lawn-to-Garden Program​ (see below) merlin_153878706_5e13f09d-b915-4c45-be83-d32dea87d780-articleLarge.jpg

Lawn-to-Garden (Turf Replacement Program)

The Manteca Public Works Department pays an incentive of $1.00 per square foot when a grass lawn is replaced with a beautiful water-efficient landscape suited to our region’s semi-arid climate. Restrictions apply, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditionsand the Design Requirements (see links below) fo​r more information. ​​

There are a few highlights of the program:

L2G program only applies to front yards and parkways
The maximum incentive payment is $650 for residential or 5,000 square feet for commercial
If you remove your grass lawn before your design is approved, you will not qualify for the incentive

Municipal Code 17.48.050 Design Requirements for Specific Types of Landscaping

In addition to the general requirements of Section 17.48.040 (Landscape Improvement Requirements), the following provisions apply to the special types of landscaping as established below.

A. Residential Landscape. For single-family and two-family residential Zoning Districts:

  1. For lots of land on which a building permit was issued on or before 07/15/2015, at least 35 percent of the actual front yard shall be landscaped.

  2. For lots of lands on which a building permit was issued on or after 07/16/2015, at least 35 percent of the actual front yard shall be landscaped and no more than 25 percent of the actual front yard or street-side yard shall be turf.

Steps To Participate

Call the Water Division at 209 456-8468 or email:  to discuss lawn to garden requirements before begining project.

  1. Submit Application, drawing and plant list to the Water Division at 209 456-8468 .
  2. Water Resources Coordinator will review application, perform a drive by inspection and provide approval to construct.
  3. Construct Project.
  4. Call Water Resources Coordinator when you have completed the project and are ready for an inspection.
  5. With an approved inspection, you will receive your rebate.

Applicants due rebates for this program must also complete IRS Form W-9. Rebate checks will be issued within 4-6 weeks.


Lawn-to-Garden Required Files (Right click on each file and save to your computer)



Terms And Conditions


Kill Lawn

Design Requirements




Lawn-to-Garden Approved Plants (Right click on each file and save to your computer)













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