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Trash Not Picked Up

​Why Wasn’t My Cart/Bin Picked Up Today?

​ The following pictures and examples may help to explain.  These are just a few examples of reasons, but are the most common.  Normally the route driver will leave a tag on the bin or the cart explaining why it was not serviced.  You can always call the Solid Waste Division at (209) 456-8440 and someone will help you figure out the problem, and help you solve it.

The Basic Rules:

  • All lids must be closed. Trash will spill on the ground as the cart/bin is dumped if the lids are not closed.
  • All carts must have space between them; recommended 2-3ft.  This will allow the arm of the collection truck room enough to reach in and grab them.

  • All carts must have space between them and any parked vehicle.  This will allow the arm of the collection truck room enough to grab the cart without hitting the vehicle.

  • All carts must be curbside. Do not place cart on lawn, sidewalk or other locations the collection truck arm cannot reach.

  • All carts must be clear of basketball hoops or other obstacles. The cart cannot be lifted up into the truck if it is under a hoop or street sign or street light.

  • All commercial bins must have clear access to the bin; allowing the truck to drive in and pick it up.
  • Cardboard should always be broken down and flattened.
  • Cars in courts should always be parked legally; allowing the collection vehicle room to service the carts.
  • Any extra trash bags need to have the free stickers provided by Solid Waste and or Finance attached to them.
  • Rental bins cannot be over loaded; lids must be able to close.



Why wasn't our trash/recycling picked up today?

pic1 pic2

  • Trash enclosures need to be clear of any debris; allowing clear access to your bin.
  • Lids must be closed.
  • Cardboard boxes must be brokedn down and placed inside the bin.



Why wasn't my trash/recycling/green waste picked up today?

pic3 pic4

  • Carts are not set out properly.
  • Carts are too close together.
  • Carts are too close to a vehicle.
  • Carts are not on the lawn and cannot be reached by the collection truck.

pic5 pic6

  • Carts are too overloaded.
  • All lids must be closed.  Anything sitting with an open cart will spill onto the ground when it is lifted into the truck by the automated arm.  Cardboard boxes should be broken down and flattened.

pic7 pic8

  • Extra garbage bags must have stickers on them or they will not be picked up. Free stickers are available from the Solid Waste Department (209) 456-8440, or the Finance Department (209) 456-8730.

  • Trash should be bagged and lids should be closed.  Uncontained trash will end up on the ground when dumped.

pic9 pic10

  • Carts placed underneath basketball hoops cannot be lifted up by the arm of the collection truck without damaging the hoop.

  • Electronic waste is not acceptable in the carts.   Acceptable items can be disposed of at the Solid Waste Office located at 210 E. Wetmore St.

pic11 pic12

  • Green Waste carts cannot be overloaded.  All lids must be closed.
  • Green Waste carts cannot contain bagged garbage.

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