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Reclaimed Water Facilities Master Plan

The City of Manteca proposes to develop a Reclaimed Water Facilities Master Plan to provide the City with a plan to systematically develop and implement the use of treated wastewater from the Manteca Water Quality Control Facility. The City of Manteca Wastewater Master Plan, adopted in 2004 (updated on 2012) and the 2005 Water Master Plan include the future use of reclaimed water to aid in the disposal of wastewater and to reduce potable water demand. The Reclaimed Water Facilities Master Plan is to provide the City with a planning document for the phased development and use of reclaimed water over the next 20 to 25 years.​

The Manteca Wastewater Quality Control Facility (WQCF) is located on 210 acres of City owned property southwest of downtown Manteca at 2450 West Yosemite Avenue. The WQCF treats typical municipal wastewater generated in the City of Manteca and the neighboring City of Lathrop.

The Manteca WQCF is a 9.87 MGD average day dry weather (ADWF) rated, activated sludge plant with denitrification. The WQCF consists of an influent pump station, aerated grit tanks, primary sedimentation basins, fine-bubble activated sludge aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, secondary effluent equalization pond, tertiary filters, UV disinfection and effluent pumping station. Secondary effluent is land applied during the spring and summer. Tertiary filtered and UV disinfected water is discharged to the San Joaquin River during the winter.

The Wastewater Master Plan projects a capacity requirement of 27 MGD ADWF at buildout for the WQCF. Expansion of the WQCF to buildout will occur in two phases, which will increase the ADWF capacity to 17.5 MGD and 27 MGD. The Wastewater Master Plan projects a potential reclaimed water use of 3.28 MGD. The 2005 Urban Water Management Plan projects reclaimed water usage of 2 MGD by 2030.

Public outreach meetings will be held throughout the process of developing the Reclaimed Water Facilities Master Plan to provide information and obtain feedback. The group meetings will include major stakeholders and the general public, as well as having City Council presentations. The Notices will be posted below with Location, Date, and Time.

Anyone interested in attending or seeking information should submit their contact information to:

The City of Manteca, Public Works Department

Attn: Fernando Ulloa, PE, Sr. Engineer
1001 West Center St., Manteca, CA 95337




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