City Of Manteca

Public Works Department

Solid Waste Division Building Temporary Closed for Renovation >> Click here for more details

Celebrating National Public Works Week Spotlighting the Solid Waste Division This Division provides many services in addition to collecting trash, from the Customer Service Representatives who take the first call, to the Yard Personnel who service the community by having dumpsters and bins available, this Divisions teamwork keeps everything moving smoothly! Check out the many services provided by these Public Works First Responders! #NPWW

2022 City of Manteca Public Works Week Video




  • Safety is always our top priority.
  • We are personally responsible and accountable for our actions.
  • We provide a safe work environment and safe work practices.
  • We follow industry standards, best practices, rules and regulations.


  • We efficiently utilize the City's resources to provide cost-effective services.
  • We utilize new technologies to increase efficiency, productivity and quality of life.
  • We maintain, design and procure equipment and facilities for the long term.
  • We use open, fair and competitive procurement processes.

Community Service

  • We provide expert, quality services with our available resources.
  • We communicate and act promptly, courteously and effectively to respond to the needs and concerns of our community.
  • We proactively identify our customers' needs to provide the services our citizen's value.
  • We perform and provide services that create community pride.


  • We lead by example.
  • We support, train and mentor our personnel to be experts and leaders in their fields.
  • We enable and encourage innovation.
  • We establish and maintain trust through transparency and open communication.
  • We anticipate and adapt to changing conditions.


  • We share knowledge and expertise to help achieve individual and city goals.
  • We share work, equipment and resources between individuals, divisions and departments.
  • We share successes, show appreciation for others' contributions and are mutually accountable.
  • We maintain good communications to facilitate consensus based decisions and coordinated efforts.

Optimistic Work Environment

  • We have a positive attitude about our work.
  • We value and appreciate the people we work with.
  • We take advantage of opportunities to do work that is satisfying and provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • We seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to balance our work life with our personal life.
  • We maintain a healthy sense of humor.


SR-120/Union Road Interchange APWA Award

The Sacramento Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) selected the SR-120/Union Road Interchange Project for a Project of the Year award in the Transportation Category.

The APWA Sacramento Chapter Awards Program recognizes public works projects that demonstrate excellent management, design, sustainability, construction and community relations, and the teamwork among the agencies involved.