City Of Manteca

Storm Water System

​​The City of Manteca has updated a Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP) to provide a contentiety of storm drainage design criteria for the new and redevelopment projects. The SDMP identifies and analyzes the existing drainage deficiencies as of 2012 and provides the storm drainage concepts for the future developments required to serve the City at buildout of the General Plan 2023.

The SDMP is available to review here:  Storm Drain Master Plan (2013) 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The City of Manteca operates and maintains the Storm Drain System, which serves the community. The City's Storm Drainage System consists of approximately 170 miles of pipeline, 36 pump stations, and 35 detention basins. When it rains, the runoff flows through this system, into South San Joaquin Irrigation District drains and laterals, and eventually into the San Joaquin River.

The City of Manteca is required by the Environmental Protection Agency, as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), to have a Storm Water Management Program (SWMP). The purpose of the program is to limit to the maximum extent practicable the discharge of pollutants into the waters of the United States.

You can access the City of Manteca Storm Water Management Program by clicking on this link​.


For general stormwater information, please call 456-8400.

For the San Joaquin County Hazardous Waste Hotline, call

For flooding problems during business hours, call 456-8400.