Police Chief
Police Chief - Mike Aguilar
City Of Manteca


​Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police

The SHARP unit is a volunteer group of men and women over the age of 40 that is dedicated to making a difference by helping improve our community. The SHARP unit was started in August of 1991 by the former Police Chief, Willie Weatherford. The SHARP unit averages 65 members at any one time and devotes approximately 21,000 hours annually. The Supervisory Team is composed of 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants and 8 Sergeants to oversee and manage the group.

The SHARP unit’s primary goal is to provide assistance and support to the Police Department and residents of Manteca. Some of the primary duties are to patrol school areas and commercial parking lots to increase safety and deter crime, tow abandoned vehicles, remove graffiti, assist with clerical duties in the Records unit, patrol the bike path, and remove signs along the roadways. These are only a few of the assignments and tasks that the SHARP members handle daily. The unit gives 7 days a week support to the Police Department.

If you are interested in volunteering for SHARP or have an issue they can be contacted at 456-8240. The SHARPs are overseen by Captain Paul Carmona and he can be contacted at 456-8130 or pcarmona@ci.manteca.us​