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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed Alternate Fridays
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Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8100

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Jodie Estarziau, Chief of Police
Services Division


The Services Division is made up of several individual units. The units in the Services Division include Investigations, Detectives, Street Crimes, Gang Suppression, Records, Evidence and Property, Dispatch, and Animal Services. The Services Division consists of approximately 95 full time, part time and volunteer employees with 7 supervisors and the Division Commander who oversees the management and operations of the units.

The Services Division’s primary goal is to provide support services to the Operations Division of the police department and to the community itself. Our team of highly-trained investigators follows up on all serious felony cases and proactively targets illegal activities related to narcotics, gangs and vice. Our personnel handle all incoming 9-1-1 calls and other calls for service. They also maintain all of the records, property and evidence for the agency. Our philosophy is to provide the needed support for the community and the Patrol Unit so that our core responsibility of public safety can be efficiently accomplished.

For further information about the Services Division you can email or call the Services Division Commander, Captain Michael Aguilar, at (209) 456-8124

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division investigates violations of the Manteca Municipal Code and other State and Federal codes related to land use, building, business licensing and operation, health code, and various other non- criminal statutes. Code Enforcement Officers work with other divisions of the City, County and State officials to gain compliance with these codes. They abate public nuisances and properties deemed to be a public health or safety hazard. Services are performed under the direction of the Services Division Captain.

The Code Enforcement Unit is comprised of two Code Enforcement Officers who handle all complaints and all proactive enforcement related to the enforcement of non-criminal statutes.

If you have code enforcement related questions, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Lane Avilla at (209) 456-8156 or Code Enforcement Supervisor Scott Cunningham at (209) 456-8281.

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Communications Center

The Manteca Police Communications Center is staffed by a team of specially trained Public Safety Dispatchers. The Communications Center is currently authorized 11 full time dispatchers, one of which is a supervising Dispatch Coordinator.

The communications center is responsible for answering all 9-1-1 calls, non-emergency calls, and all transfers to and from other agencies. The Dispatchers are responsible for receiving, prioritizing and sending appropriate assistance to the citizens of the City of Manteca. The Communications Center is a vital link between the public and the officers in the field. Public Safety Dispatchers handle many types of calls and situations daily, from routine to emergency. The dispatchers provide a necessary, indispensable function for the public and police officers alike.

The dispatchers use a variety of computer systems to assist in providing necessary information to record incidents and monitor the activity of patrol units. This includes automated warrant systems, GIS mapping, stolen vehicle systems, computer aided dispatch systems and automatic vehicle locaters on the police units.

To contact the Communications Center directly, for non-emergency calls, please call (209) 456-8101


The Detective Unit consists of police officers who are specially trained in solving crimes that require additional technical expertise or long-term investigative commitments. These Detectives are assigned to a variety of felonious criminal investigations including homicide, burglary, fraud, robbery, arson, child abuse and sexual assault. They are on-call 24 hours a day and are often called to crime scenes to conduct technical investigations where suspects are not known or not immediately arrested. The Detective Unit also uses high-tech investigative resources to track down wanted suspects and monitor those individuals who are required to register with the police for sex crimes and narcotics violations. They also assist and cooperate with the Street Crimes Unit and Gang Suppression Unit.

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for receiving, maintaining and purging all evidence and property booked at the Manteca Police Department. This includes all property booked as found, contraband or for safekeeping. Most of the evidence maintained by this unit originates from criminal investigations, but some may involve vehicle collisions or civil cases.

The Property and Evidence Unit is operated by the Property Officer (a Community Service Officer), with the assistance of a Police Facilities Aide, under the direction of the Detective Sergeant. The Property Officer is available, by appointment, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Property Officer can be reached at 209-456-8131 or by email at


The Records Unit is responsible for handling incoming telephone requests for non-emergency information and assisting citizens who come to the lobby of the Police Department with questions and concerns. The Records Clerks strive to provide quality customer service to the public, both in person and on the phone.

The Records Unit continually works to improve access to critical information for investigators, officers, administrators and the public. The Records Unit personnel also seek to increase security of vital records, eliminate redundancy of information in electronic formats, and improve classification of information.

The information gathered and disseminated by the Records Unit often provides data for evaluating, planning and managing future activities of the Manteca Police services. As the official custodian of all active and inactive records, the Records Unit develops and maintains the Department's retention schedules, releases criminal justice records in compliance with all applicable laws and disposes of records at the end of the approved retention schedule.

The Records Unit is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed every other Friday. The Records Unit can be reached directly at 209-456-8108.

Street Crimes Unit

The Street Crimes Unit is made up of five Detectives and one Detective Sergeant. Recently the Gang Suppression Unit merged with the Street Crimes Unit. One of the five Detectives is assigned full time to the San Joaquin County Auto Theft Taskforce (Delta RATT). The Street Crimes Unit investigates crimes such as narcotics activity and vice crimes, where an officer has to conduct an investigation while undercover. The Street Crimes Unit is also conducting investigations concerning criminal street gangs. The Street Crimes Unit also supplements the Detective Unit with major crimes such as homicide, rape, kidnapping and major assaults, and can be assigned specialized investigations as assigned by the Chief of Police. The Street Crimes Unit is also involved with educating the public regarding the topic of narcotics. Several lectures and speaking engagements are scheduled throughout the year with public and private schools as well as private clubs and neighborhood organizations. Although the Street Crimes Unit is a proactive policing unit, it handles an influx of information from the public regarding suspected narcotics activity and other crimes.

Things to look for:
  1. Unusual amount of traffic (vehicles or pedestrian)
  2. Short stay traffic
  3. Activity at the location at all hours of the day and night
  4. Unusual chemical odors
  5. Excessively bright lights coming from houses
If you notice any of these things in your neighborhood you can contact the Street Crimes Unit directly.


Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police

The SHARP unit is a volunteer group of men and women over the age of 40 that is dedicated to making a difference by helping improve our community. The SHARP unit was started in August of 1991 by the former Police Chief, Willie Weatherford. The SHARP unit averages 65 members at any one time and devotes approximately 21,000 hours annually. The Supervisory Team is composed of 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants and 8 Sergeants to oversee and manage the group.

The SHARP unit’s primary goal is to provide assistance and support to the Police Department and residents of Manteca. Some of the primary duties are to patrol school areas and commercial parking lots to increase safety and deter crime, tow abandoned vehicles, remove graffiti, assist with clerical duties in the Records unit, patrol the bike path, and remove signs along the roadways. These are only a few of the assignments and tasks that the SHARP members handle daily. The unit gives 7 days a week support to the Police Department.

If you are interested in volunteering for SHARP or have an issue they can be contacted at 456-8240. The SHARPs are overseen by Captain Charlie Goeken and he can be contacted at 456-8155 or

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