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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed Alternate Fridays
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Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8100

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Jodie Estarziau, Chief of Police

Dealing with Homeless People

Homelessness is an extremely complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our community. There are no easy solutions.

The Manteca Police Department and elected officials in the County and City recognize that there is a fine line between homelessness as a social issue and a criminal issue. Many homeless are on the street because of substance abuse, mental illness or both.

Often the disorder issues associated with homelessness are criminal in nature but difficult to enforce. To assist the City provide better service to this at-risk population, the Manteca Police Department has a Homeless Outreach Team. The team consists of community resource officers, County Health and Mental Health specialists and private non-profit organizations. The outreach team is available to assist the community with homeless-related issues.

While being homeless is not a crime, many kinds of public conduct are illegal and should be reported to the Manteca Police Department. These include being intoxicated, loitering, prowling, fighting, trespassing, aggressive panhandling, soliciting, urinating/defecating, consuming alcoholic beverages in certain public places, camping or sleeping in parks, littering, obstructing sidewalks, living in a vehicle parked on a public street, disturbing the peace by loud and unreasonable noises, using offensive words, behaving in a threatening manner and more.

Click here to download this brochure in PDF format.

Citizen’s Arrest

Because many of the crimes involving homeless people are misdemeanors, a police officer can only arrest a person if the offense is committed in his presence. However, a person who witnesses the offense can make a citizen's arrest by doing the following:
  • Call the Manteca Police Department and provide details of the offense. Call 911 if it is an emergency, i.e., if the crime is in progress or about to happen and involves serious personal injury, property damage or property loss. Otherwise call 209-456-8100, the Manteca Police Department non-emergency number.
  • When an officer arrives to take physical custody of the suspect, sign the arrest form stating that the offense was committed in your presence and that the officer is lawfully making the arrest. You must also be willing to appear and testify in court.
  • You do not have to physically take the suspect into custody. For your safety, such action is discouraged by the Manteca Police Department.

Avoiding Problems - Part I

The following tips will help you avoid problems with homeless people
  • Talk to the MPD Community Resource Officer (CRO) about any problems with homeless people. If warranted, file a Trespass Arrest Authorization with the Manteca Police Department. This letter authorizes the MPD to enter your property to investigate suspicious activity and to arrest people who are trespassing or committing a crime. A copy of this form can be downloaded from the Forms and Permits section of the MPD website. Note: The form must be renewed every 364 days.
  • If you do file a Trespass Arrest Authorization, you should also post NO TRESPASSING signs stating that a Trespass Arrest Authorization has been filed with the MPD. Give the address of the property, the name and phone number of the property owner/ manager and the non-emergency MPD phone number to report suspicious activities (209-456-8100). The signs should have a font visible from the nearest public street, not be accessible to vandals and be posted at the entrances - spaced evenly on the boundaries of the property. A sample sign is also available in the Forms and Permits section of this website.
  • Avoid confrontations and maintain a safe distance. Use caution in dealing with them.
  • Do not offer food or money. It may encourage more panhandling. If you are inclined to help the homeless, it is better to contribute to local charities, missions, food banks or social service organizations that assist the needy.
  • Do not permit anyone to camp or loiter on your property.
  • Do not allow anyone to store shopping carts, bedding or other personal belongings on your property.
  • Restrict access to sidewalk overhangs, alcoves, or other areas protected from inclement weather.
  • Lock or remove handles from water spigots.
  • Keep trash dumpsters locked when not being filled or emptied.
  • Secure outside storage sheds or containers.
  • Lock or turn off exterior power outlets.
  • Lock gates after hours.
  • Install motion-activated exterior lighting after hours.
  • Trim landscaping to eliminate hiding places.
  • Canopies of mature trees should be maintained at least 8 feet above the ground.
  • Bushes should be trimmed to less than 3 feet except where privacy or environmental noise mitigation is a primary concern, or where higher plants would not block any views/ lighting/camera coverage or provide hiding places.
  • Keep property free of trash, litter, junk, etc.
  • Use graffiti-resistant paint or anti-graffiti coatings on the sides of the building and any other design features that could be vandalized.
  • Additional protection can be obtained by planting vines and bushes along the sides of the buildings. They help keep vandals away from the walls and cover areas that might otherwise be vandalized.

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.
For 24-hour non-emergencies, dial 209-456-8100.

Avoiding Problems - Part II

  • Report graffiti and other vandalism, and clean up promptly after the officers have taken pictures.
  • Design public amenities to discourage misuse. For example, shape benches and other seating to be comfortable for sitting but not for sleeping.
  • Have plants at sidewalk level. If raised planter boxes are used, the sides should be at least 4 feet high or their tops should uncomfortable for seating. By making them very narrow and allowing plants to grow over them, it will make them less desirable.
  • Establish, post, and enforce rules of conduct for public use of private property. Include signs of nighttime curfews and prohibitions of loitering, illegal lodging, drinking alcoholic beverages and drug activities. The signs should state that persons engaged in prohibited conduct will be asked to leave the property and that failure to cease the behavior or leave the property will result in a call to the MPD.
  • Install surveillance cameras to cover public areas. Have security personnel monitor these cameras and ask persons engaged in prohibited conduct to leave the property. Security personnel should also patrol the property at random times.
  • If security personnel are not available or if it is not practical to monitor the cameras all the time, install video analytics or intelligent video software in your camera system. It will alert you when something suspicious occurs. Lights could be turned on at night when motion is detected, and audio announcements could warn trespassers that the police would be called if they do not leave the property immediately.
  • If signs stating that security or surveillance cameras are installed are posted, and the cameras are not monitored all the time, the warning should also include that caveat. This is important in keeping people from having a false sense of security and expecting help in the event they are attacked.

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.
For 24-hour non-emergencies, dial 209-456-8100.


San Joaquin County Mental Health Services
1212 N. California St. Stockton CA 95202
(209) 468-8750 Phone
Homeless Outreach Worker Dennis Buettner 209-481-7706
Homeless Outreach Worker Cicley Miller 209-406-3285

Care Link:
Medical care for homeless 209-954-7701

Local Shelters

Hope Family Shelter (Must have children)
520 S. Union Rd. Manteca Ca. 95337
(209) 824-0658

Haven of Peace (Women and Children only)
7070 Harlan Rd. French Camp, CA 95231
(209) 982-0396

Gospel Rescue Mission
445 S. San Joaquin St. Stockton
(209) 466-2138

McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter (Couples with or without children)
757 A Street Tracy Ca 95376
(209) 835-2328

Stockton Shelter for the Homeless
411 South Harrison Stockton, CA 95203
(209) 465-3612

Lodi House (Women and Children only)
801 South Washington St. Lodi Ca 95240
(209) 334-6346

Stockton Shelter for the Homeless (Single men over 18 must be there by 4:30)
301 S. San Joaquin St Stockton Ca. 209-465-3612

Salvation Army Shelter Lodi (Single men only)
525 W. Lockford St. Lodi Ca. 95240
(209) 367-9560 or (209) 369-5896

Food Pantries

Love in Action - Tuesdays 11am -1 pm
101 S. Fremont St Manteca Ca

St. Vincent De Paul’s - Weekday afternoons
525 E. North St. Manteca Ca.

Catholic Charities
1106 North Eldorado Stockton Ca.
(209) 948-1501

Salvation Army of Stockton – Call for appointment
South Wilson Way Stockton
(209) 466-3871

Substance Abuse Programs

Family Ties (209)468-6213
San Joaquin County Recovery House (209)468-6857
His Way Recovery (209)401-9126
New Directions (209)870-6500
Circle of Friends (209)513-5042
El Dorado House (209)624-8544
Three Rivers Lodge (209)401-9126

Free Detox – Substance Abuse

Cherry Hill Detox
2035 Fairmont Dr.
San Leandro Ca 94578
(866) 866-7496
Palm Avenue Detox
2251 Palm Ave.
San Mateo Ca 94403
(650) 513-6500
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