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Training Documents

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Aero Medical Factors, Vision.pdfAero Medical Factors, Vision1/13/2020 1:02 PMDocument2625 KB  
CANINE TRAINING 2019 2020 PUBLIC RECORD.pdfCANINE TRAINING 2019 2020 PUBLIC RECORD2/3/2020 9:55 AMDocument237 KB  
Manteca - UAS Operations Manual 12102018.pdfManteca - UAS Operations Manual 121020181/13/2020 1:02 PMDocument1326 KB  
Manteca Mounted Unit quarterly training standards.pdfManteca Mounted Unit quarterly training standards1/30/2020 10:13 AMDocument171 KB  
Mobile Field Force 2019.pdfMobile Field Force 20191/14/2020 6:43 AMDocument318 KB  
Motor Training 08-15-19.docxMotor Training 08-15-191/24/2020 11:06 AMDocument126 KB  
Motor Training 09-13-19.docxMotor Training 09-13-191/24/2020 11:33 AMDocument126 KB  
Motor Training 11-07-19.docxMotor Training 11-07-191/24/2020 11:33 AMDocument126 KB  
MPD Training Plan 01-18.pdfMPD Training Plan 01-181/6/2020 2:19 PMDocument596 KB  
Night Physiology and Visual Illusions Exam.pdfNight Physiology and Visual Illusions Exam1/13/2020 1:02 PMDocument76 KB  
Nighttime drone operations.pptxNighttime drone operations1/13/2020 1:02 PMDocument1932 KB  
Quarterly Training Outline 05182020 to 05222020.pdfQuarterly Training Outline 05182020 to 052220206/9/2020 2:20 PMDocument35 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 01-08-20.docxSWAT Training Memo 01-08-201/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument140 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 01-22-20.docxSWAT Training Memo 01-22-201/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument138 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 07-24-2019.docxSWAT Training Memo 07-24-20191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument137 KB  
SWAT TRAINING MEMO 08_14_2019.docxSWAT TRAINING MEMO 08_14_20191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument27 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 08-28-19.docxSWAT Training Memo 08-28-191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument140 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 10-02-19.docxSWAT Training Memo 10-02-191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument139 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 10-23-19.docxSWAT Training Memo 10-23-191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument140 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 11-20-19.docxSWAT Training Memo 11-20-191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument139 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 12-02 through 12-05.docxSWAT Training Memo 12-02 through 12-051/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument139 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 12-13-2019.docxSWAT Training Memo 12-13-20191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument139 KB  
SWAT Training Memo 7-10-2019.docxSWAT Training Memo 7-10-20191/24/2020 10:19 AMDocument139 KB