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Forms And Permits

​​Downloadable forms including those  related to to the City of Manteca's Municipal Code in regards to Pit Bull Breed Dogs   (The Burglar and Fire Alarm permit is also available from the Records Department, Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM or the form can be submitted on line.)​

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8 Can't Wait.pdf8 Can't Wait10/12/2020 2:49 PMDocument2184 KB
Breed Determination Form_1.pdfBreed Determination Form_15/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument18 KB
Breed Determination Form_2.pdfBreed Determination Form_25/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument38 KB
Breed Permit Application Form.pdfBreed Permit Application Form5/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument67 KB
Burglar and Fire Alarm Permit (On-line).aspxBurglar and Fire Alarm Permit (On-line)9/9/2020 5:37 PMLink to a Document2 KB
Burglar and Fire Alarm Permit.pdfBurglar and Fire Alarm Permit10/30/2019 8:17 AMDocument245 KB
Concealed Weapon Application.pdfConcealed Weapon Application4/12/2021 12:38 PMDocument2174 KB
Homeless Brochure.pdfHomeless Brochure5/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument338 KB
Hotel Permit To Operate.pdfHotel Permit To Operate5/4/2019 2:04 PMDocument1534 KB
Litter Record.pdfLitter Record5/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument16 KB
Manteca Police Department - Outside Service Rates.pdfManteca Police Department - Outside Service Rates11/9/2020 10:13 AMDocument613 KB
Proof of Indigence 0518.pdfProof of Indigence 05185/7/2019 9:54 AMDocument26 KB
Trespass_Letter.pdfTrespass_Letter5/4/2019 2:05 PMDocument336 KB

The following permits are available from the Record Department Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30PM to 4:00PM and can be renewed Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 12PM as well as from 2:30PM to 4PM

  • Taxi Permits
  • Card-room Dealers Permits
  • Second Hand Dealer Permits
  • Massage Technician Permits
    Massage Technicians have to work under someone's Massage Establishment Permit, and they will need a letter on letterhead from the Establishment stating that they can work under their permit. They also must show proof of a diploma or certificate of graduation from a CA state approved massage school of not less than 70 hrs (see 9.28.080G MMC). If the Technician is an Employee/Technician, they will not need a business license. If the Technician is an Independent/Technician, they must obtain a business license from the City of Manteca Finance Dept. prior to coming to the police dept.
  • Massage Establishment Permits
    Massage Establishment Permit can also be an Outcall Service. No letter is needed, but the person obtaining the license/permit is considered the owner/operator and must be approved by the Planning Commission. Prior to coming to the police dept., the applicant must go to the City of Manteca's Finance Dept. and obtain a business license. From there, they will be sent to Planning where they will be given a routing slip. As part of the process on the routing slip, the applicant will be sent to the police dept. where the permit process begins. The applicant must show proof of a diploma or certificate of graduation from a CA state approved massage school of not less than 70 hours (see 9.28.080G MMC). The applicant does not need a diploma/certificate if they will not be performing massage.
  • Tow Truck Permits
  • Solicitor's Permits
    Solicitor's Permits need a letter on letterhead from the business you work for stating the applicant represents them