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​​​​​​Please complete the form below to register your business with the City of Manteca Busienss Watch program.The City Of Manteca Police Department has launched the Business Watch Program in order to gather crucial contact information from businesses operating in the City. The department will be compiling this data in order to create a merchant contact list. Additionally, we will be seeking to gather valuable information pertaining to any anti-theft technology or equipment at the various premises.When the form is complete, press the "Submit Registration" button. ​

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Check the anti-theft systems installed at your business:

Secure your business against crime.

  • Leave cash drawers empty and open after hours so criminals can see you have nothing to take.
  • Make frequent bank deposits at va​ried hours.
  • Secure locks on all doors and windows when closing up.
  • Remember, a cheap lock can be jimmied with a knife or plastic card, so use sturdy deadbolts. Have a locksmith inspect your entries and prescribe appropriate locks.
  • Replace hollow-core doors with solid-construction doors.
  • Brightly illuminate all entrances with vandal-proof fixtures, and check the bulbs often.
  • Keep all shrubbery and debris away from windows and doors. Don't provide concealment or climbing platforms for a burglar.
  • Install an alarm system, and check it regularly for potential failure.
  • Use an armored car for cash transport if feasable.
  • Teach employees to be aware of persons who are loitering or behaving in a suspicious manner. Such persons may be casing the premises for burglary, robbery, or shoplifting.
  • Advertise a policy of prosecuting all shoplifters and stick to it.
  • Establish effective deterrents within your business: first, heighten the shoplifter's feelings of being watched, and second, minimize the shoplifter's access to merchandise.
  • Do not work alone. If you must work alone, turn on a radio or television in a back room to suggest that someone else is present.
  • If you are robbed, observe the robber(s); don't fight them off. Call 911 immediately afterward. Quickly jot down a description of the robber(s).
  • Have your street address clearly visible for responding deputies to easily see. Address numbers should be at least three inches tall. ​