Police Chief
Police Chief - Mike Aguilar
City Of Manteca

Mounted Patrol

The Manteca Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit was established in the 1990’s. At one point, the unit has had as many as six officers, but is currently operating with two officers. When available the Mounted Patrol Unit patrols the parks, bike paths, and special events from horseback.

The horses these officers ride are specially trained for crowd control and patrol tactics. From horseback, officers can patrol in areas where cars and motorcycles cannot go. The vantage point gained by sitting on a horse gives patrolling officers the ability to overlook parking lots, wooded or heavily brushed areas, and crowds of people much more efficiently than an officer on foot.

The horses utilized by the Mounted Patrol Unit are not pets; they are working members of the Department just like police canines. They are trained to work alone or in teams and work very well in crowd control situations. Officers can perform all necessary police functions from horseback.