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Adoption Policy

If you would like more information about an animal, we highly recommend visiting or calling the shelter. In order for us to assist you, please indicate the Animal ID of the animal that you are interested in.

While some of the animals may be advertised or listed as available for adoption, we cannot guarantee that any of the adoptable animals would still be available when you inquire in person, by phone or by email. Animals are adopted frequently, and some may be in the process of being adopted.

Animals are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
We do NOT
(1) take requests to hold or reserve an animal,
(2) schedule an appointment to meet with an animal, or
(3) accept deposits.

All adopted animals must be spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter and go home with the adopters.

A large majority of animals come to the shelter with unknown medical histories so a check-up with a veterinarian is a necessity. To insure the happy and healthy life of your newly adopted family member, we recommend having your pet examined routinely by a veterinarian.

Please come look at our animals available for adoption. Any animal that comes into the shelter already spayed or neutered, will be adopted at reduced amount (minus the spay/neuter fee)​