City Progress Report
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Manteca Family NightMarketing of Manteca Family NightJohanna FerrieraOct 18 - Dec 19In Process5%$.00$.00
Master Property Tax NegotiationsRenegotiate the Property Tax Sharing agreement with San Joaquin County for newly annexed areas.Tim OgdenDec 17 - Jun 18In Process20%$.00$.00
City Clerk
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Community Development
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
RFP - Storm Drain Zones 36 & 39 Engineering, Environmental and PermittingThe City of Manteca is soliciting proposals for Civil Engineering and Environmental Work for Storm Drain Zones 36 & 39Greg ShowermanAug 19 - Nov 19In Process50%$.00$400,000.00
General Plan UpdateUpdate of the General Plan to plan for growth over the next 20-years.J.D. HightowerJun 17 - Jun 20In Process75%$800,000.00$820,000.00
General Plan Envrionmental Impact ReportEnvironmental Impact Report for the General Plan UpdateJ.D. HightowerAug 19 - Mar 20%$.00$.00
Citywide Truck Route StudyThe Citywide Truck Route Study is moving forward with Fehr & PeersJ.D. HightowerJun 18 - Nov 19In Process70%$119,000.00$125,000.00
French Camp Outlet Canal Master Plan StudyMaster Plan for the FCOC identifying capacity, constraints, and recommended improvementsGreg ShowermanApr 18 - Nov 19In Process70%$310,000.00$310,000.00
Great Wolf Lodge Plan Review and InspectionsPlan Review and Inspection of Great Wolf Lodge - Coordinate consultants regarding the plan check of submittals, RFIs, etc. and inspections on site for Building, Engineering, and Fire PreventionBrad WungluckJul 18 - May 20In Process80%$950,000.00$950,000.00
Electronic Plan Review SoftwareAddition of Software to allow for electronic plan review and submittalsBrad WungluckJun 19 - Jun 20In Process80%$325,000.00$325,000.00
Daniels Street Extension Project - ConstructionExtend Daniels Street from the current terminus at Costco to McKinley AvenueBrad WungluckMay 19 - May 20In Process80%$9,463,110.00$10,882,575.00
2019 PFIP Update - Sewer, Water, Storm DrainFive-Year Update to the PFIP - Primarily Sewer, Water, and Storm Drain with minor adjustments to TransportationGreg ShowermanJun 19 - Jun 20In Process20%$350,840.00$368,750.00
Economic Development
NameProject DescriptionTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Auction/Sale of former Redevelopment PropertiesAuction of 3 Successor Agency sites (1115 S. Airport, 682 S. Main, 555 Industrial Park) and 1 Housing Successor site (282 N. Airport)Dec 14 - Oct 19In Process90%$.00$.00
Downtown Parking Lot and Alleyway ConstructionConstruction for the rehabilitation of 4 city-owned parking lots, 6 privately-owned parking lots, and 4 city-owned alleyway sections in the downtown area.Nov 18 - Oct 19In Process90%$850,000.00$850,000.00
Great Wolf LodgeNov 18 - May 20In Process%$.00$.00
Family Entertainment Zone Master PlanUpdate the Family Entertainment Zone Master Plan to revise land uses and add additional areas.Mar 19 - May 19Under Development%$.00$.00
Fiber PlansWork with Telcoms, Businesses, and Stakeholders to develop fiber options throughout the community.Jul 18 - Jul 20Unfunded65%$.00$.00
Family Entertainment Zone: AnnexationsAnnexation of properties along S. McKinley Avenue between SR 120 and UP Railroad tracks.Jan 19 - Aug 19In Process%$.00$.00
Family Entertainment Zone: Milo CandiniDesign for the extension of Milo Candini from its terminus to the north of Big League Dreams to Airport Way.Under Development%$.00$.00
Gateway Sign DevelopmentEstablish several gateway signs across the city at main entrances.Sep 19 - Mar 20Unfunded65%$.00$.00
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Budget SoftwareMulti-user budgeting software to assist and simplify the tracking, analyzing and reporting of the Citys Operating and Capital Budget.Tracie MadisonJul 18 - Jun 19In Process90%$12,500.00$12,500.00
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Automated phone system to assist callers in accessing information via touchtone key-pad or speaking to the phone.Amber ShipmanJan 19 - Jun 19In Process%$.00$.00
Fire Department
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Public Safety Training Facility555 Industrial Park (Qualex) is no longer available to Public Safety for training. The Fire Department used this facility for numerous types of training in the past including using the building for primary fire attack, search and rescue, roof ventilation, firefighter survival, driver operator course, and ladders. The proposed tower would meet this need until a permanent joint public safety training facility can be designed and funding for construction identified.David MarquesMay 19 - May 19Unfunded%$550,000.00$.00
Communications Upgrade/RepairThis is a combination of multiple communication projects, including: new radio tower at station no. 3, connection of fiber optics from the transit center to fire station no. 1 (and the water well), backup data connections for stations 2,3,4.Bill CanfieldMay 19 - May 19Unfunded%$86,000.00$.00
Alerting System%$.00$.00
Communications Tower at Well Tank%$.00$.00
Fire Station No. 5-ConstructionConstruct Fire Station No. 5 at the northwest corner of Atherton and Woodward. Call volume in this area has increased significantly as the area has developed. This station will handle the area south of 120 and east of Main Street. Additionally the station will respond to calls on Highway 99 (NB and SB between Yosemite and Jack Tone) and State Route 120 (east of Main). In 2017 the Station No. 5 First Due District had 967 calls for service. We expect this to continue to rapidly increase as more homes are added. Construction of the Station will take approximately 18-20 months from the time the funds are allocated. If the station were funded today, it is likely that we will have over 1,200 calls for service in the area by the time the station opens.Lantz ReyJul 19 - May 20In Process60%$4,500,000.00$4,500,000.00
Replacement RMS systemThe department has used Firehouse RMS for records management for 15 years. The program is antiquated, unreliable and customer support is non-existent. Firehouse was purchased by another company in July of 2017 with the intent of transitioning existing customers away from Firehouse and onto their platform. Fire Staff has reviewed the other companys product and is not interested in moving forward.David MarquesJul 18 - Oct 19Complete100%$33,000.00$6,000.00
Fire Facility Fee UpdateThe Fire Facility Fee was last updated in 2011. Its recommended that these fees be adjusted every 5 years. The fee is intended to ensure development helps to pay for the construction of new fire stations as needed.Lantz ReyJul 18 - Dec 19Complete100%$25,000.00$10,000.00
Anti-Overdose EMS protocolThe new EMS protocol will allow MFD personnel to administer the anti-overdose drug, Narcan. Additionally, the EMS protocal will allow our personnel to now adminsiter epinephrine for persons with life threatening allergic reactions.David MarquesJan 18 - Dec 19In Process85%$9,000.00$9,000.00
Revised Policy and Procedure ManualThe departments policy and procedures manual is out of date and not in compliance with city policy and fire department best practices.Chris JelinekDec 17 - Jun 19In Process90%$7,000.00$.00
Security Gates at StationsThis is the combination of three Capital projects; security gates have been requested at station no. 1 and 3. In the FY 18/19 budget we have requested the third and final gate at station no. 2.Bill CanfieldJan 18 - Dec 19Behind Schedule5%$81,000.00$81,000.00
New Fire EngineCreate specifications, conduct bid process and purchase new type 1 fire engine (from allocation of funds to delivery is approx. 1 year).Bill CanfieldJul 18 - Aug 20In Process5%$600,000.00$600,000.00
Standards of CoverThe project proposes to conduct a professional study on field deployment and headquarters staffing. The proposed study will address the adequacy of the existing deployment of resources and identify potential deficiencies in headquarter operations. Additionally, the proposed study will identify areas where the department exceeds or is deficient, based on accepted best practices and national standards. Further the Study will address the potential economic impacts associated with losing a business that generates tax revenue for the City.Chris JelinekMay 19 - Jan 20In Process40%$50,000.00$50,000.00
Information Technology
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
GIS - Web Viewer/PortalGIS Viewer Builds Internal/ExternalPennie ArounsackJul 19 - Jul 19In Process99%$.00$.00
GIS - Address Inventory ProjectX/Y Collection of All City AddressesPennie ArounsackMar 20 - Mar 20In Process75%$.00$.00
GIS - ArcGIS Pro MigrationMigrating To New Pro ArchitecturePennie ArounsackJan 18 - Jan 20In Process25%$.00$.00
GIS - GIS Page and HUBCreation of New GIS Page and HUBPennie ArounsackJun 17 - Jul 19In Process90%$.00$.00
Police/Fire Scheduling Software UpgradeUpgrade Public Safety Scheduling System to Cloud-Based SystemPennie ArounsackJan 18 - Jan 19In Process75%$51,058.00$51,058.00
Phone System Server UpgradeUpgrade existing VoIP phone system software to current versionBrent NelsonJul 19 - Dec 19In Process50%$.00$.00
Transit Center A/V RepairsBrent NelsonNov 18 - Jul 19Unfunded%$30,000.00$.00
IT Master PlanBrent NelsonNov 18 - Apr 19On Hold%$.00$40,000.00
Parks Recreation
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Library Park Spray Pad Retrofit and Restroom UpgradeRenovation to existing spray pad from flow-through system to treated re-circulation systemMichael RosalesUnfunded%$765,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Concession and Restroom BuildingsInstallation of concession and restroom building in north west side of parkMichael RosalesUnfunded%$1,050,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Picnic UpgradesAddition of small Picnic shade shelters, tables and barbecues.Michael RosalesUnfunded%$285,000.00$.00
Golf Course Cart PathsFourth and final phase of construction of concrete cart paths from green to tee for holes 4 through 9.Michael RosalesUnfunded%$590,000.00$.00
Recreation Office RenovationParks & Recreation Office Renovations which would include: office paint, new carpet, new office furniture, new office counters, and blinds/shades, to meet ADA standards.Toni LundgrenUnfunded%$350,000.00$.00
Northgate Picnic Area Renovation - PlanningRemoval and replacement of existing shelter, restroom renovation and general site improvementsMichael RosalesJun 20 - Oct 20In Process%$788,000.00$1,750,000.00
Senior Center Walk in RefrigeratorRemoval and Replacement of Walk-in RefridgeratorMichael RosalesJun 20 - Nov 20In Process10%$.00$250,000.00
CDBG Senior Center Improvements - Phase 2Kitchen, Walk in Refrigerator and Amp SystemMichael RosalesJun 20 - Nov 20In Process10%$.00$353,000.00
Parks and Recreation Revenue Survey Ballot Measure PreparationConsultant contract to assist staff with a tax measure feasability survey to help determine ballot measure viability and consultant services through a revenue ballot measure process for the 2020 general election cycle.Kevin Fant/Toni LundgrenJul 19 - Oct 20In Process50%$51,000.00$140,000.00
BMX Track RenovationBMX Track renovationMichael RosalesJun 20 - Jul 20In Process%$60,000.00$60,000.00
Lincoln Pool Maintenance, Upgrades and RenovationsLincoln Pool Renovations to include new skimmers, fiberglass finishing, new tile and new heaterCody RossComplete100%$135,000.00$150,000.00
Tidewater Bike Trail Re-surfacingResurfacing of the Tidewater Bike trail from Spreckels Ave to West Lathrop Road.Michael Rosales/ (PW)On Hold%$.00$120,000.00
Golf Club House RenovationsReplace carpet/flooring, and blinds/window coverings upstairs in the clubhouse at the Golf Course.Michael Rosales/Toni LundgrenMay 20 - Aug 20In Process50%$59,000.00$160,000.00
Police Department
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
SWAT Equipment VehicleNew vehicle to replace existing SWAT equipment vehicle. Funded by Asset Seizure account.Paul CarmonaJul 19 - May 20In Process50%$150,000.00$50,461.00
Traffic MotorcyclesTwo new police motorcycles for the Traffic UnitMichael AguilarAug 19 - Apr 20In Process50%$70,000.00$70,000.00
Marked Patrol VehiclesTwo marked police vehicles for Patrol. One unit will be designated as a police canine vehicle.Paul CarmonaAug 19 - May 20In Process50%$140,000.00$44,823.00
Police Department Front Lobby RenovationConstruction changes to ensure safety and ergonomical environment in records is improved.Estarziau/Goeken/SchluerJan 18 - Jan 20In Process50%$25,000.00$25,000.00
Critical Incident Protocal Investigative ChangesWMPD currently working with countywide committee to make changesGoeken/Miller/SchluerOct 18 - Dec 19In Process95%$.00$.00
Telestaff UpgradeTelestaff is the software program used by Police and Fire for staffing. The server that currently services this software program is over ten years old and in need of replacement.Paul CarmonaJun 19 - May 20In Process90%$121,000.00$14,951.00
License Plate Readers (LPR)Have license plate readers installed in the CityCharlie GoekenAug 19 - Sep 19In Process50%$400,000.00$400,000.00
Add AIQ to Verint in DispatchAudio Interaction Quality (AIQ) is the quality assurance software to monitor calls into dispatch.Stephen SchluerJul 19 - Jan 20In Process75%$8,974.00$10,000.00
Public Works
NameProject DescriptionProject ManagerTimelineStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Public Works Department Administration BuildingPublic Works Consolidation in a new buildingGeorge MontrossMay 18 - Jun 20In Process20%$987,570.00$1,100,000.00
Well 30-Nile Garden Project Grant ApplicationGrant application for new potable water wellElba MijangoApr 18 - Dec 19In Process60%$5,133,000.00$.00
Well 28 & 29 Equipping Project Construction (CIP 13007)Construction management of two well sitesElba MijangoJun 18 - Sep 19In Process95%$8,100,000.00$8,400,000.00
DIP 4 - Digester Improvement Phase IIIImprovements to existing Digesters, two new digesters, fog and food waste receiving, biogas scrubbing, new flare, new digester control building, new communications, and new boilers, and relatedBret SwainOct 18 - Oct 19In Process99%$22,705,612.00$23,011,987.00
WQCF Alternative Energy Development-SolarDesign Build of 2.2 to 3.3 MW Solar facility South of WQCFBret SwainOct 18 - Jun 19In Process98%$4,900,000.00$5,534,000.00
Compressed Biogas Fueling Facility, Phase IIInstall Biogas Fueling FacilityBret SwainMar 18 - Nov 19In Process98%$8,739,000.00$8,739,000.00
UV Air Conditioning SystemReplace the air condition for the UV ControlBret Swain%$.00$313,000.00
South Plant Aeration Basin OptimizationReplace diffusers, blowers, valving and controls to reduce energy usageBret SwainAug 18 - Oct 19City Council100%$4,460,286.00$5,094,561.20
North Manteca Trunk SewerReplace existing 36-inch sewer force main with 54 inch gravity Sewer Main serving Manteca north of SR120Bret SwainMay 19 - Oct 19Unfunded%$13,587,736.00$11,420,000.00
Food Separator InstallationInstall Food Waste Separation Equipment at Lovelace FacilityBret Swain%$1,055,000.00$.00
Mayors Park Improvement-ConstructionPavement repairs at Mayors ParksKoosun KimJan 20 - Jun 20In Process10%$1,370,000.00$1,370,000.00
SR120/McKinley Ave Interchange (IC) Project - Design & R/WDesign, Env. Clearance and R/W AcquisitionKoosun KimJul 16 - Dec 19In Process99%$19,500,000.00$19,500,000.00
Bio-Filter RehabRepair biofilters and IPS air processingBret SwainJan 16 - Nov 19On Hold65%$150,000.00$1,572,000.00
Area 1 - Water Line Replacement ProjectUpsizing water pipeline in Central MantecaAna ChionoAug 18 - Aug 19On Hold98%$.00$358,000.00
WQCF SCADA Master PlanDoc existing & future SCADA, control systemAlfredo MijangoDec 17 - Dec 19On Hold90%$262,820.00$262,820.00
Well 28 & 29 Asset ManagementRCM, dev. PMs & asset hierarchyAlfredo MijangoJul 18 - Oct 19In Process95%$.00$.00
HSIP 1 Design (Grant $1.93M)-Main St from Northgate to AlamedaImprove Pedestrian Safety, ADA, and install bike lanesKoosun KimAug 19 - Feb 20In Process80%$2,149,600.00$1,934,640.00
HSIP 2 Design (Grant $681k)-Yosemite Ave from Walnut to MainImprove Pedestrian Safety, ADA, and install bike lanesKoosun KimAug 19 - Feb 20In Process80%$757,300.00$681,300.00
Springtime Estates Improvement-ConstructionPavement repairs at the Springtime Estates Subdivision.Koosun KimJan 20 - Aug 20In Process10%$1,560,000.00$1,560,000.00
Airport - Yosemite to Daniels - DesignWidening Airport Way from Yosemite Avenue to Daniels StreetKoosun KimJul 19 - Aug 20In Process45%$500,000.00$500,000.00
SR120/McKinley Ave Interchange (IC) Project - ConstructionConstruct a New IC with On & Off-RampsKoosun KimJan 20 - Dec 20Under Development%$25,300,000.00$25,300,000.00
SR120/Union Road Interchange (IC) Project - ConstructionConstruct a Diverging Diamond IC (DDI)Koosun KimMay 19 - Dec 20In Process15%$25,100,000.00$25,100,000.00
TCP Mitigation ProjectDesign of TCP Treatment SystemElba MijangoApr 19 - Jul 20In Process25%$14,388,176.00$14,388,176.00
Main Street Widening from Yosemite to Alameda-DesignDesign per Feasibility Study w/o R/W acquisitionKoosun KimJun 19 - Mar 20In Process40%$150,000.00$150,000.00
Woodward & Wellington/Pillsbury Ave Ped Crossing-ConstructionPG&E to reconnect power for new systemKoosun KimMay 18 - Dec 19In Process99%$350,000.00$750,000.00
2019 Annual Pavement Management Project (PMP)Pavement improvement for residential areaKoosun KimMar 19 - Jun 20On Hold10%$1,000,000.00$1,000,000.00
Traffic Signal Update - ConstructionImprove existing traffic signals (wireless com)Koosun KimDec 19 - Dec 21In Process%$1,500,000.00$1,500,000.00
Retroreflective Traffic Sign Project - ConstructionImprove existing traffic signs (citywide imp)Koosun KimNov 19 - Dec 20In Process2%$1,500,000.00$1,500,000.00
ShadowBrook Storm and Sewer StationsField testing station before City acceptanceAlfredo MijangoAug 19 - Oct 19In Process50%$.00$.00
Yosemite Avenue: Main Street to Cottage Avenue-ConstructionConstruction: Repair and resurface roadwayKoosun KimOct 18 - Oct 19In Process90%$3,054,000.00$3,054,000.00
Main Street: Yosemite Avenue to Atherton Drive-ConstructionConstruction: Repair and Resurface roadwayKoosun KimOct 18 - Oct 19In Process99%$3,445,000.00$3,445,000.00