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NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Manteca Family Night HighJohanna FerrieraMarketing In Process5$.00$.00
Master Property Tax Negotiations HighTim Ogden In Process20$.00$.00
City Clerk
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Citywide Records Management Program HighLisa BlackmonEffective & Efficient Government In Process10$300,000.00$140,000.00
Electronic Agreement Execution HighLisa BlackmonEffective & Efficient Government Under Development0$10,000.00$10,000.00
Community Development
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
General Plan Update HighJ.D. HightowerReport In Process75$800,000.00$820,000.00
General Plan Envrionmental Impact Report On HoldJ.D. HightowerReport0
Permit/Project Software MediumBrad WungluckSoftware In Process70$5,500.00$325,000.00
Citywide Truck Route Study MediumJ.D. HightowerReport In Process70$119,000.00$125,000.00
French Camp Outlet Canal Master Plan Study HighGreg ShowermanReport In Process70$310,000.00$310,000.00
User Fee Study Update (Planning, Engineering, Building, and Fire Prevention) Budget PrepBrad WungluckStudy In Process60$15,000.00$15,000.00
Great Wolf Lodge Plan Review and Inspections HighBrad WungluckConstruction In Process35$950,000.00$950,000.00
Electronic Plan Review Software MediumBrad WungluckSoftware In Process85$50,000.00
Daniels Street Extension Project - Construction HighBrad WungluckConstruction In Process5$9,463,110.00$10,882,575.00
2019 PFIP Update - Sewer, Water, Storm Drain MediumGreg ShowermanStudy In Process5$350,840.00$368,750.00
Economic Development
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Auction/Sale of former Redevelopment Properties HighDon SmailProperty Sale In Process90
Wayfinding Sign Program MediumRandy SaffoldCity Marketing In Process75
Downtown Parking Lot and Alleyway Construction HighJohanna FerrieraConstruction In Process25$850,000.00$850,000.00
Economic Development Plan HighDon Smail, Randy Saffold, Johanna FerrieraPlanning In Process95
Great Wolf Lodge HighTim Ogden, Don Smail In Process
Family Entertainment Zone Master Plan HighDon Smail, Johanna FerrieraFEZ Under Development0
Fiber Plans MediumRandy SaffoldPlanning In Process65
Family Entertainment Zone: Annexations HighFEZ In Process
Family Entertainment Zone: Milo Candini MediumFEZ Under Development
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Budget Software HighTracie MadisonDesign In Process90%$12,500.00$12,500.00
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) HighAmber ShipmanTechnology In Process
Fire Department
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Fire Station No. 5-Construction HighLantz ReyCapital In Process30$4,500,000.00$4,500,000.00
Replacement RMS system MediumDavid MarquesTechnology In Process20$33,000.00$33,000.00
Fire Facility Fee Update HighLantz ReyAdministration In Process0$25,000.00$25,000.00
Anti-Overdose EMS protocol In ProcessDavid MarquesEMS In Process85$9,000.00$9,000.00
Revised Policy and Procedure Manual In ProcessChris JelinekAdministration In Process90$7,000.00$7,000.00
Update Disptach Technology In ProcessLantz ReyTechnology In Process75$50,000.00$50,000.00
Security Gates at Stations LowBill CanfieldCapital Behind Schedule5$81,000.00$81,000.00
New Fire Engine MediumBill CanfieldLarge Equipment Unfunded0$600,000.00
Standards of Cover MediumChris JelinekAdministration Unfunded0$50,000.00
Public Safety Training Facility MediumDavid MarquesCapital Unfunded0$550,000.00
Communications Upgrade/Repair MediumBill CanfieldTechnology Unfunded0$86,000.00
Human Resources/Risk Managment
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Americans with Disability Act Transition Plan On HoldJoe KriskovichADA On Hold
City Wide Tree Inventory On HoldJoe Kriskovich/Cody RossRisk On Hold$140,000.00
Information Technology
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
GIS - Web Viewer/Portal HighPennie ArounsackDesign In Process99
GIS - Address Inventory Project MediumPennie ArounsackPlanning In Process30
GIS - ArcGIS Pro Migration MediumPennie ArounsackSoftware In Process25
GIS - GIS Page and HUB MediumPennie ArounsackDesign In Process50
Network Switch Upgrades MediumSophal RosHardware In Process99$30,000.00$30,000.00
Police CAD System Upgrade HighPennie ArounsackSoftware In Process99
Police/Fire Scheduling Software Upgrade HighPennie ArounsackSoftware In Process50$51,058.00$51,058.00
Transit Center A/V Repairs MediumBrent NelsonHardware/Software On Hold$30,000.00$.00
Phone System Server Upgrade On HoldSophal RosHardware/Software On Hold
IT Master Plan On HoldBrent NelsonPlanning On Hold$40,000.00
Parks & Recreation
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Golf Clubhouse Exterior Staircase Structure Restoration HighMichael RosalesConstruction In Process100$88,000.00$100,000.00
Northgate Picnic Area Renovation - Planning HighMichael RosalesDesign In Process25$1,150,000.00
Senior Center Improvements HighMichael RosalesConstruction In Process95$526,200.00$654,990.37
BMX Track Renovation HighMichael RosalesConstruction In Process0$5,000.00$60,000.00
Tidewater Bike Trail Re-surfacing MediumMichael Rosales/ (PW)Bidding On Hold0$120,000.00
Lincoln Park - Picnic Tables and Shade Canopy LowMichael RosalesPlanning On Hold0$20,000.00
Union Tennis Court Screen Replacement LowMichael RosalesConstruction75$5,745.75$10,000.00
Citywide Tree Inventory HighCody Ross/Kevin FantTree Inventory In Process0$125,000.00
Central Irrigation Controller Upgrades MediumCody RossConstruction In Process95$37,851.34$38,000.00
Parks and Recreation Master Plan Implementation HighKevin Fant/Toni LundgrenPlanning/Design In Process80$185,000.00$185,000.00
Lincoln Pool Maintenance, Upgrades and Renovations MediumCody RossPlanning On Hold0$80,000.00
Civic Center Turf Removal On HoldMichael RosalesNone Unfunded0$105,000.00$.00
Parks and Recreation Revenue Ballot Measure Preparation On HoldKevin Fant/Toni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$130,000.00$.00
Library Park Spray Pad Retrofit and Restroom Upgrade On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$765,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Concession and Restroom Buildings On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$1,050,000.00$.00
Woodward Community Park - Picnic Upgrades On HoldMichael RosalesPlanning Unfunded0$285,000.00$.00
Golf Club House Renovations On HoldToni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$160,000.00$.00
Golf Course Cart Paths On HoldJoe VolkPlanning Unfunded0$590,000.00$.00
Recreation Office Renovation On HoldToni LundgrenPlanning Unfunded0$350,000.00$.00
Police Department
NamePriorityStatusProject ManagerProject Category% CompleteProject CostBudget Available
Police Department Front Lobby Renovation In ProcessEstarziau/Goeken/SchluerConstruction In Process40$25,000.00$25,000.00
Critical Incident Protocal Investigative Changes In ProcessGoeken/Miller/SchluerPolicy Changes In Process95
Telestaff Upgrade In ProcessPaul CarmonaEquipment In Process50
License Plate Readers (LPR) In ProcessCharlie GoekenEquipment In Process40$400,000.00$400,000.00
Public Works
NamePriorityProject ManagerProject CategoryStatus% CompleteProject CostBudget AvailablePerson
McKinley Property Demolition Phase 3 (APN 241-410-21) In ProcessKoosun KimConstruction In Process95$50,000.00$75,000.00
SR120/McKinley Ave Interchange (IC) Project - Design & R/W HighKoosun KimDesign In Process99$19,500,000.00$19,500,000.00
SR120/McKinley Ave Interchange (IC) Project - Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction Under Development0$25,300,000.00$25,300,000.00
SR120/Union Road Interchange (IC) Project - Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction In Process5$25,100,000.00$25,100,000.00
Woodward & Wellington/Pillsbury Ave Ped Crossing-Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction In Process80$350,000.00$750,000.00
Traffic Signal Update In ProcessKoosun KimPS&E In Process40$478,000.00$450,000.00
Retroreflective Traffic Sign Project In ProcessKoosun KimPS&E In Process99$382,000.00$400,000.00
Yosemite Avenue: Main Street to Cottage Avenue-Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction In Process10$3,054,000.00$3,054,000.00
Main Street: Yosemite Avenue to Atherton Drive-Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction In Process15$3,445,000.00$3,445,000.00
1,2,3-TCP Mitigation Project In ProcessElba MijangoDesign Build In Process20$14,388,176.00$15,130,175.00
Public Works Department Administration Building In ProcessGeorge MontrossDesign In Process15$987,570.00$1,100,000.00
Well 30-Nile Garden Project Grant Application In ProcessElba MijangoPlanning In Process20$5,133,000.00
Well 28 & 29 Equipping Project Construction (CIP 13007) HighElba MijangoConstruction In Process90$8,100,000.00$8,400,000.00
DIP 4 - Digester Improvement Phase III HighBret SwainConstruction In Process95$22,705,612.00$23,011,987.00
WQCF Alternative Energy Development-Solar In ProcessBret SwainContract Negotiation In Process98$4,900,000.00$5,534,000.00
Compressed Biogas Fueling Facility, Phase II HighBret SwainConstruction In Process90$8,739,000.00$8,739,000.00
UV Air Conditioning System LowBret SwainPS&E$313,000.00
South Plant Aeration Basin Optimization HighBret SwainConstruction In Process95$4,460,286.00$5,094,561.20
North Manteca Trunk Sewer HighBret SwainPS&E Unfunded0$13,587,736.00$11,420,000.00
Food Separator Installation HighBret SwainConstruction0$1,055,000.00$.00
Bio-Filter Rehab MediumBret SwainDesign On Hold65$150,000.00$1,572,000.00
Area 1 - Water Line Replacement Project MediumAna ChionoDesign In Process90$358,000.00
WQCF SCADA Master Plan MediumAlfredo MijangoDesign In Process90$262,820.00$262,820.00
Well 28 & 29 Asset Management MediumAlfredo MijangoConstruction In Process95
HSIP 1 Design (Grant $1.93M)-Main St from Northgate to Alameda In ProcessKoosun KimPlanning In Process80$2,149,600.00$1,934,640.00
HSIP 2 Design (Grant $681k)-Yosemite Ave from Walnut to Main In ProcessKoosun KimPlanning In Process80$757,300.00$681,300.00
Springtime Estates Improvement-Construction HighKoosun KimConstruction In Process5$2,200,000.00$2,200,000.00
Airport - Yosemite to Daniels - Design MediumKoosun KimPS&E On Hold
TCP Mitigation Project HighElba MijangoDesign In Process5$14,388,176.00$14,388,176.00
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