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Director - Pennie Arounsack
City Of Manteca

​​Accessibility Statement

​Accessibility Statement for the City of Manteca Official Website as of August 2020
We have made several considerations during the design of this website. Above all else, we believe content should be accessible to all users, regardless of viewing device, screen size, language, or other unique and unforeseen challenges. With this in mind, our site heavily relies on the use of Cascading Style Sheets to visually style the layout of our site. This strategy allows devices to gracefully degrade the visual layout of the site while maintaining content accessibility. 

As a user of this website, if you discover inaccessible documents and need assistance, please contact us here.

We also considered the following technical details (browser usage on federal government websites: provided August 2020- source)

◾47.6%  of browser-based website traffic is using Chrome.
◾35.2% of browser-based website traffic is using Safari.
◾4.1% of browser-based website traffic is using Edge.

◾3.7% of browser-based website traffic is using Internet Explorer

◾3.3% of browser-based website traffic is using Mozilla Firefox.

Our visual layout is based on a minimum-viewport of at least 1024 pixels. The website has been thoroughly tested with  Internet Explorer 11, Edge , Firefox 39, Chrome 43, and Safari 5.1.7. If you are not using one of the browsers listed please consider upgrading. Current generation browsers improve the security and privacy of your computer and its information, in addition to improving the visual rendering of the websites you visit.