City Of Manteca

Geographic Information Systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Combine information, find patterns, and make connections. Organizations are using The Science of Where to see what others can't." ESRI

What is GIS?

​​Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a holistic methodology that utilizes technology, people, and data to connect disciplines, systems, and communities. It is a collaborative tool that our GIS staff uses to improve, streamline, and positively transform interconnections, processes, and lives. As part of the Information Systems Division, GIS staff are committed to helping users make more informed and effective decisions.​​​​

Staff Responsibilities

Data Management

GIS data management and maintenance: establishing and enforcing accuracy standards, update procedures, and database compatibility for GIS data, coordinating data sharing with local, state, and federal government, and creating and developing new GIS data.​

Applications and Analysis

​GIS applications development and analysis: developing custom applications, interactive maps, and specific project map documents for analysis a​nd inquiry of GIS information as well as performing complex GIS analyses.

Training and Assistance

Conducting training for city-wide GIS users, tutoring and assisting individual GIS users on specific projects, and answering technical questions.

Cartography and presentation: producing informative maps, reports, and digital graphics and assisting with presentation of geographic information.​

NEW! Manteca GIS Open Data Hub

​​Our new GIS Open Data Hub is now an available resource to the public. The following resources are available on our GIS Open Data Hub.

     - Data Layers for Download (shapefiles, geodatabases, etc.)

     - Static Maps for Download​

Click on the button below to start exploring our data resources! Please contact with any questions.