City Of Manteca

Fire Prevention Division

The best protection against the dangers of fire is to prevent them from happening at all. The Manteca Fire Prevention Bureau is tasked with providing the highest level of Fire Prevention through Education, Enforcement and Engineering. Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Bureau strives to prevent the loss of life and property damage caused by fire.



Education is the key component in combating fire related injuries and damage. Prevention personnel provide information regarding home safety, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and home inspection programs. Our personnel provide informative classes and demonstrations on the use and types of fire extinguishers to various civic groups, businesses and organizations. To learn more about our Public Education programs click here.



Annual Inspections The overall goal of the business inspection program is to enhance life safety and fire protection in our community. Each business is inspected on a regular basis depending on the nature of the business conducted. The fire department attempts to educate business owners how to monitor their own business as it relates to fire safety as well as the safety of the general public.

Weed Abatement The City of Manteca has an ordinance which prohibits the accumulation of weeds, debris, rubbish, trash, grass and vegetation on private property. The Fire Department has an annual Weed/ Abatement Program in which we canvass the entire city to rid our neighborhoods of such nuisances.


The Fire Prevention Division provides comprehensive plan check services. These services apply to both new construction and existing occupancies throughout the City of Manteca. Plans are reviewed for compliance with the applicable fire and life safety regulations, codes and ordinances