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City Of Manteca

Cooling And Warming Center

The Manteca Senior Center or the Manteca Transit Center will be utilized as a cooling/warming center in the event of inclement weather conditions to provide citizens relief from the extreme weather and prevent climate related injuries.

The Manteca Senior Center is located at 295 Cherry Lane, Manteca, 95337 and the Manteca Transit Center is located at 220 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, 95336. A PDF on the Cooling/Warming Center is available.

The Cooling/Warming Center hotline is (209) 456-8080. Call ahead to confirm hours of operation. Please e-mail our team at with questions.


*Currently the Cooling/Warming Center is located at: Manteca Transit Center - 220 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, 95336.


*Temperatures are based on i​nformation provided by the National Weather Service (

  • Cooling Center will open when temperatures are 104°F and above.
  • Warming Center will open when temperatures fall to 31°F and below.
  • In addition to one of the two criteria above, the center will open only if there is sufficient staffing.


Spending a few hours in an air-conditioned environment can bring down the body's core temperature. Older or frail adults, homeless people, and persons with health conditions that may be made worse by hot weather should consider spending time in a cooling center, particularly between 1pm and 5pm when temperatures are at their highest.

Beat the HEAT!

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and large amounts of sugar because they will dehydrate your body
  • Wear sun screen and reapply often
  • Avoid direct sun, seek shade while outdoors


Bitter cold temperatures are more than an inconvenience; they can pose a serious threat to health and safety. Getting out of the cold and into a warming center during the overnight hours can bring much relief from what can be unbearable temperatures.

Cope with the COLD!

  • Wear layers including hat and gloves
  • Keep as dry as possible
  • Avoid alcohol as it can dilate blood vessels and cause hypothermia
  • Seek shelter and limit outdoor activity


To provide a safer environment for the public and expedite entry into the City of Manteca Senior Center or Manteca Transit Center, citizens will not be permitted to bring the following items:

  • No animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • No drugs, including Marijuana
  • No tobacco products or e-cigarettes
  • No alcohol
  • No personal property (with the exception of a backpack)

*Prohibited items that are discovered by city staff must be discarded or surrendered. The City of Manteca is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property brought to the Warming/Cooling Center. Senior Center or Manteca Transit Center Code of Conduct will be enforced and loitering is prohibited once the center is closed.