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City Of Manteca

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​What is a Business License?
The Business License is a tax certificate to show that a business has paid the Business License tax and fees. Its primary purpose is to raise revenue for municipal purposes. Most licenses are non-regulatory.


Why do I need a Business License?
Any person who derives an income or is located within the city limits of Manteca is required to pay the Business License tax prior to commencing business. Conducting a business in the City without a license can result in citations and/or fines.


Can I conduct my business anywhere once I have the Business License tax certificate?
The Business License certificates are only valid for the purpose and location approved upon initial application. Any changes in location, ownership, or business type must be re-approved by the City. Possession of a Business License certificate does not entitle the holder to conduct business before complying with all requirements of the Manteca Municipal code and other applicable laws, nor to conduct business in a zone where such business violates law.


What is the cost of a Business License?
There is a $25 application fee. In addition, there is a cost based on classification and gross receipts. All fees are listed in our municipal code Fee Schedules. You may contact the Finance Department at (209) 456-8730 to determine which classification applies to your business. The tax may be pro-rated based on your start date.


Can I conduct my business from my home?
It depends on the type of business you are conducting. It has to fall within the guideline regulations of the home occupation permit. You may contact the Community Development Department at (209) 456-8512 to determine if your business qualifies for a home occupation permit.


Does the City of Manteca have a one day Business License?
The City primarily issues businesses quarterly and annual Business License certificates. There are some exceptions depending on when and where and the type of business you will be conducting. For further information you may contact the Finance Department at (209) 456-8730 to determine if an exception applies to your business.


When does my Business License certificate expire?
The City of Manteca issues Business License certificates based on the City’s fiscal year which begins on July 1. Most certificates expire on June 30th. A few classifications are issued licenses on a quarterly basis and these certificates expire September 30th, December 31st, March 31st, or June 30th.


Does my Business License tax certificate allow me to conduct business in other cities?
Is there just one license that covers all California cities?
No, the City of Manteca Business License tax certificate allows you to conduct business from or within the city limits of Manteca only. You should contact the city in which you are conducting business to inquire about their Business License tax and fee requirements.