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Apply For A Business License

​​What is a Business License?
A Business License is a certificate that is required for all businesses, trades, professions, callings and occupations specified in Manteca Municipal Codes Title 5. A Business License tax is required to be paid each year in order to have a valid and current Business License. Possession of an active Business License does not entitle the holder to conduct business in a zone where conducting business violates law. Licenses are non- transferable and the certificate must be carried or posted in a conspicuous place at the business location.

In order to apply for a Business License, you must complete an application which is only available at City Hall – Finance Department. The Business License Application can be attained in person or via e-mail by contacting the Finance Department at (209) 456-8782 or at Once the completed application is received it will be routed to various departments for review. Once the application is approved by all required departments and the required fees paid in full; a Business License Certificate will be issued.

If the business location or mailing address changes, there is an ownership or business name change, or if the license becomes inactive, it’s the certificate holder’s responsibility to notify the Finance Department and pay any applicable fees. Conducting a business in the City without a license can result in citations and/or fines.

Courtesy renewal notices will be sent to the mailing address on file annually or quarterly based on license type. It is the certificate holder’s responsibility to renew all licenses on time to avoid late fees, and to notify us in writing of any changes.

Where to start?
  • If you prepare or sell food contact the San Joaquin Environmental Health Dept.
  • If using a fictitious name or dba, contact the San Joaquin County Recorder.
  • If you buy or sell tangible goods contact the State Board of Equalization.
  • If you need an employer tax ID contact the I.R.S. and Franchise Tax Board.
  • If your business will have employees contact the Employment Development Dept.
  • To inquire about city zoning requirements for your type of business and its planned location, contact the City of Manteca Planning Division; ask for a Planner. They’re able to answer questions regarding zoning designations and building requirements. They’ll also be able to direct you to the appropriate person for construction permits or fire inspections.
  • Once you have a business location, you may apply for a City of Manteca Business License. Contact us at (209) 456-8782 for an application or more information. If you are a home-based business, in addition to the Business License tax application, you need a home occupation permit. You may submit both applications together to the Finance Dept. at City Hall, by fax at (209) 923-8930 or via email at
  • Applications will be routed to all appropriate departments before payment is made. Once payment is received a Business License will be mailed to the address on file within 10 business days.