City Of Manteca

Water System

​​City of Manteca 2005 Water Master Plan (11.5 MB)
City of Manteca 2005 Urban Water Management Plan (12 MB)

City of Manteca 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (9 MB)

​Safe drinking water is a carefully manufactured product. It is collected, treated, tested and delivered to your home and/or business by the City of Manteca. The City of Manteca has been delivering water to the public since 1917. Since then, we have constructed a total of 27 wells for domestic use. The water system currently consists of 15 groundwater wells.  Other wells have been taken out of service due to their old age and shallow depths. The water that is pumped from the ground is pushed through approximately 170 miles of pipeline located underneath City streets. We distribute over 4 Billion Gallons of water annually, approximately 50% of our water is from well water and the other 50% is surface water from South San Joaquin County Irrigation District's water treatment plant.

Contact the Public Works Department at 456-8400 or e-mail us at for additional information on water conservation measures or to schedule a full water survey of your home or business. Trained City staff will inspect your home or business and address ways you can save water and reduce your water bill. Call the City Water Division at 456-8466 or email us at to make arrangements for a technician to assist you with programming your sprinkler timer.