City Of Manteca

Sanitary Sewer System

​​​​Wastewater Collection System Master Plan
In support of a new General Plan and updated Public Facilities Implementation Plan (PFIP), a wastewater collection system master plan is required. The primary objective of this Master Plan Update is to ensure that the City's collection system can adequately meet the demands of development goals adopted in the General Plan. You may download the Wastewater Collection System Master Plan using the following links: Sewer Rate Study
Per the Public Hearing Notice that was issued to all Manteca residents and property owners, the Manteca City Council is proposing to adjust the monthly sewer service charges to those shown in the report linked below. If approved, the proposed sewer service charges will become effective January 1, 2009. The new sewer service charges are being proposed to provide revenue for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the City's sewer systems.
Sewer Rate Study (387 KB)
WQCF Master Plan Update - January 2007