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​​2013 Public Facilities Implementation Plan Update

The Public Facilities Implementation Plan (PFIP) is the implementing program for public infrastructure policies identified in the City's General Plan Policy Document.  The purpose of the PFIP is to ensure that certain public infrastructure needed for growth – namely water, wastewater, storm drainage, and transportation facilities – are sufficient to support the City's growth in accordance with its General Plan Another purpose of the PFIP is to ensure that infrastructure is constructed in a timely manner and financed in a way that equitably divided financial responsibility in proportion to the demands placed on the new facilities.

The PFIP uses a development impact model wherein the City assumes some responsibility for funding and constructing major facilities, while the developers – in most cases – simply pay their proportionate share to reimburse the City for the cost to finance and construct the infrastructure.

On March 5, 2013, the Manteca City Council adopted the 2013 Public Facilities Implementation Plan Update, and a copy of this document is available at the link below.  It should be noted that only the fees for water, storm drainage, and sewer collection facilities are included in the 2013 PFIP.  Additional time is needed to prepare the transportation program element due to the complexity of the transportation facilities.  The program and fees for transportation adopted previously remain in effect until updated in the future. 

2013 Public Facilities Implementation Plan Update

CHAPTER 8 -Transportation Element_effective January 1, 2018