City Of Manteca

Active Transportation Plan


What is the Manteca Active Transportation Plan?

The Manteca Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will be a comprehensive guide that creates a vision for a network of trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, and other elements aimed at supporting safe walking and bicycling throughout the City and providing connections to nearby destinations.

Why create an Active Transportation Plan?

Streets in Manteca can feel uncomfortable or unsafe for walking and biking due to poor conditions or lack of adequate connections. Furthermore, an expanded trail system could be used by more people who live or visit our city. The plan will seek to address these issues by updating the City's existing Bicycle Master Plan ( and creating a plan to facilitate walking. The plan will also help the City qualify for funding for new pedestrian and bicycle projects.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation is human-powered travel; examples include walking, bicycling, and using a wheelchair. These activities have many important health, economic, environmental, and social benefits such as:

  •      - Connecting families to schools, parks, work, shopping, restaurants, and bus stops
  •      - Improving health and reducing the incidence of disease and obesity
  •      - Reducing air pollution
  •      - Saving money on gas and car maintenance

Plan Process

  • Key milestones in the planning process:
  •      -  Summer-Fall 2019:     Public Engagement & Stakeholder Outreach
  •      -  Winter-Spring 2020:   Draft Plan
  •      -  Summer 2020:            Final Plan & Public Presentation
    •      -  Fall 2020:                     City Council Approval of the Plan
    • Give Us Your Input

    Please provide your comments and needs for walking and biking in Manteca online or in person.

    Online Interactive Map

    We have created an interactive map for you to give us your input. Tell us the problems you experience and what improvements you would like to see walking and biking in Manteca. Use the link below to draw lines indicating where you would like to see new trails, sidewalks, and bikeways and to add markers with comments about existing locations you would like to change.

     Public Workshops

    • Please come to one of our outreach meetings to learn more about the process and provide input for your local community.

      o    Biking Workshop – September 28, 2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the Transit Center Community Room

      Join us for a bike tour of different types of biking facilities in the City and discuss how biking could be improved in Manteca.

      o    Walking Workshop – September 28, 2019, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM at Library Park

      We will lead a walking tour around and near downtown, taking note of successful pedestrian improvements and features and discussing how improvements could be improved in Manteca.

    • o    Pumpkin Fair – Saturday, October 5, 2019

    Come visit our booth at the Pumpkin Fair. Learn more about the plan and see what facilities exist and are planned near you. We will have maps that you can write on to show us what changes you would like to see.

    Contact Information

    To learn more, contact:

    Jeffrey Hightower

    Planning Manager, City of Manteca


  • Walking Workshop – September 28, 2019, 1:00 PM at Library Park