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​Supporting Local Businesses

​The RAD Card is back and it can help downtown businesses attract more customers and give Manteca citizens discounts on shopping.  Starting April 1, 2022, San Joaquin County will add $2 Million in funding to the RAD Card Program.  This funding allows shoppers to double their money while the match funding lasts. If you spend $100, your get $200 of buying power while the match funding is still available. 

Manteca Citizens can pre-load money onto their digital gift card and use it at local businesses to double their dollars to a max of $200.  After the matching funding has been used, you can still use the card at local businesses with the dollar amount you pre-load.

RAD Card 2.png

What is the RAD Card? 

The RAD Card is a digital gift card dedicated to the small, locally-owned businesses in your downtown or hometown business district. RAD is giftable, too!

If you live in a place where your local government has injected COVID economic relief funds into the dollar-for-dollar match RAD account, you can double your dollars at your favorite restaurants, retailers, and personal care services while funds last. 

While economic relief gift card funds last, load your RAD Card with $25, $50, $75, and up to $100 and get matched, dollar-for-dollar. Donor match funds won’t last forever, so get them before they run out!​

How to sign up?

Visit the RAD card website to download the mobile app here 

New Developments​

Revitalizing the Downtown Might Just Be a Laughing MatterChris Teicheira.jpg

Comedian Chris Teicheira has serious plans to bring a comedy club downtown. According to the Manteca Bulletin, Teicheira said, “... The Valley is big enough now. We should have stuff like this and shouldn’t be having to go to the Bay Area.” We agree. Any business that attracts people downtown is good for the economy.  With the backing of investors, Chris has purchased a building at 127 N. Main Street and is working with the City's Development Services Department for design and construction approvals. When completed, the club is expected to feature food, beverages, and great comedy.  Click this text to read the full story in the Manteca Bulletin.

Photo Credit: Manteca Bulletin

Downtown Traffic Improvements

Traffic.pngOn February 15th, the City Council approved a plan to improve traffic light synchronization and other improvements that will help downtown traffic. This project will allow for traffic signal coordination and optimization solutions to improve traffic flow along Main Street, including five signalized intersections in the downtown areas of the City of Manteca. The signalized intersections will include: ​

  • N Main Street and Alameda Street
  • N Main Street and North Street
  • N Main Street and Center Street
  • Main Street and Yosemite Avenue
  • S Main Street and Moffat Boulevard​

​The project will also replace an existing median at Main St. and Center St. with a finger median to allow for a longer turning cue, which should improve traffic as well.  

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