City Of Manteca

How To Ride The Bus

Step One: Check the Map Schedule
Look at the fixed route system map and find the route(s) that serve your travel needs. The map uses both colors and numbers to designate the routes. Please keep in mind that you may need to take more than one route during your trip. Once you have identified your routes, you are ready to look at the fixed route system schedules. Bus stops are identified on the map using the following icons.

Bus Stop – The bus stops only if there is a passenger boarding or exiting the bus at this stop.

Timed Stop – The bus leaves at the scheduled time as shown on the route schedule.

Find the stop where you want to board the bus. If that stop is not a Timed Stop then look on the fixed route system schedule and find the closest Timed Stop prior to where you want to board. The bus will leave that stop at the time shown on the schedule.

Manteca Transit Ride Guide

Step Two: Check the Fare
Review the fares. Single Fares are good for one boarding. If you plan on riding the bus frequently, it may be more convenient for you to purchase a monthly or 10-ride pass.

Step Three: Board the Bus
As the bus approaches, make sure the driver can see you. Check the display above the bus windshield to verify you’re catching the correct bus. Be prepared to board by standing away from the curb until the bus has made a complete stop. Before boarding, allow passengers to exit and permit the driver to assist wheelchair passengers, if necessary. Board the bus and give your transfer ticket to the driver or your exact fare in the farebox, or show your pass. Exact change is necessary since drivers cannot provide change. When the bus is moving, stay behind the standing line and out of the stairwells. If the bus is crowded, please move to the rear when you board. Standing is not allowed on any of the buses.

Step Four: Leave the Bus
When the bus is about one block from your stop, use the stop cord or stop button located by the windows to signal the driver that your stop is approaching. After the bus has come to a complete stop, gather your belongings and exit the bus.

***For additional assistance in reading the Manteca Transit maps and schedule call (209) 456-8888***    

Accessible Services
The seats closest to the front of the bus and near the door are reserved for elderly and disabled passengers. Assistance with passenger lifts, wheelchair securement, and fare payment is available when necessary or upon request. Drivers are required to secure all wheelchairs before proceeding. All buses are equipped with lifts or ramps, making boarding easier. Please let the driver know if you need assistance.