City Of Manteca

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve an on-going Dial-a-Ride trip?
On a space available basis, request for ongoing (subscription) rides will be accommodated. Subscription rides continue automatically until the subscription is cancelled. You must phone in to cancel your subscription ride on days when you do not want to use the service. 

How can I get from point A to point B using the bus?
A current copy of the Manteca Transit Ride Guideis a valuable tool to help you plan your trip. If additional assistance is needed to plan your trip to, from or around Manteca using public transit please call (209) 456-8888.

How do I submit a request to change the current transit services or to request new transit services?
The City's Transit Division is responsible for evaluating requests to change existing transit services and adding new transit services. To submit a request, or any other suggestions to improve our transit services, you can contact us by:
Calling (209) 456-8888;
Sending a letter to City of Manteca Transit, 220 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, CA, 95336;

How does Dial-a-Ride differ from Fixed Route service?
Dial-a-Ride is a shared ride, door-to-door public transit service that picks up passengers and takes them to destinations within Manteca and to the Lathrop/Manteca ACE STation. Dial-a-Ride is available to seniors, Medical recipients and the disabled who have difficulty using the fixed route service. On Saturdays, it is available to the general public. Fixed Route service is a public transit service comprised of 3 routes throughout Manteca and to the Lathrop/Manteca ACE Station during peak periods. Manteca Transit buses stop at designated stops along their route at designated times throughout the day. Transfers are available to other Manteca Transit routes. All Manteca Transit routes start and end at the Manteca Transit Center.

What is a Dial-a-Ride “no-show”?
Passengers receive a “no-show” when they fail to cancel a reserved or subscription service ride at least one hour before the scheduled pick-up time, when they are absent from the location at the scheduled pick-up time or when they are not ready at the scheduled pick-up time. Passengers who consistently fail to cancel their rides could be suspended from service.

How would I get suspended from Dial-a-Ride service?
Passengers who fail to show up for 25% of their scheduled trips within a period of 30 consecutive calendar days will receive a First Notice of pending suspension. After the First Notice, if an individual fails to show up for 10% of their scheduled trips within a period of 30 consecutive calendar days the individual will be suspended from using the service for 30 calendar days. Passengers who pose a public health hazard or exhibit inappropriate behavior are subject to immediate suspension.

What is ADA paratransit eligibility?
If you have a disability that prevents you from using the fixed route bus service, you are eligible to receive transportation service on the Manteca Transit Dial-a-Ride, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA passengers that require a personal care attendant (PCA) are allowed to accompany the ADA passenger for free. Manteca Transit staff determines ADA eligibility through an in-person functional assessment. Once ADA-certified, you will have ridership privileges within each jurisdiction in San Joaquin County based on that agency's ADA fare structure.​ For more information and to schedule your functional assessment, visit​​ or call (209) 943-1111, option 2, option 1.

Who operates Manteca Transit?
Manteca Transit is operated by the City of Manteca. The City currently has a contractual agreement with National Express Transit Corporation, a private transportation company, to operate the City’s buses for Manteca Transit. National Express Transit Corporation employees are not employed by the City of Manteca. National Express Transit Corporation hires and trains its own drivers, dispatchers, road supervisors, reservationists, and management staff to operate Manteca Transit for the City.