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Open for Business

​​​The City of Manteca is pleased to be able to invite you to take a look at our city.  We appreciate being considered as a possible location for your business creation, relocation, or expansion.   Manteca is “Open for Business" and is a great place for companies wishing to take advantage of our affordable land  housing, great quality of life, multimodal transit access, abundant workforce, and a great central location for accessing all of Northern and Central California.

Local Incentives

Manteca California sits inside of San Joaquin County where smart investments, innovation and collaboration are driving substantial economic growth and development. The County offers a variety of incentive plans for business and companies seeking to establish or expand in the heart of California. The County offers an abundance of high quality affordable homes, excellent schools, exceptional transportation networks, a large workforce, world-class agriculture and wineries, natural resources and recreation which add up to a unique region where companies and their employees can grow and thrive.*

Economic and Social Indicators: San Joaquin County Index SJC_Index_2020-1reduced.pdf

2020_SJC_Index.pngThis report is being released in fall 2020, a year defined by extreme social and economic change due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  At this time, very few of the indicators highlighted in this report have any local, San Joaquin County, data available for 2020, and what is available covers only the very initial stages of the pandemic.  As a result, we have decided to only present indicators through the end of 2019.  In this sense, we believe it provides a useful snapshot of the current state and progress of San Joaquin County just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, this edition of the San Joaquin County Index can serve as a useful benchmark for measuring the effects of COVID-19, and a picture of the County’s comparative profile without the confounding effects of COVID-19 that have made many traditional data indicators difficult to interpret.


​County Programs

Employment Training Panel (ETP)

The ETP provides employers funding to offset the costs of job skills training. ETP funds are available to support customized job training for full-time California employees. Employers must provide proof that training hours have been completed and trainees have been hired in well-paying jobs for a certain time-period at a specified wage before ETP reimburses payment. Since 1982, ETP has reimbursed over $1 billion to more than 80,000 businesses.* 

Employment & Economic Development Department (EEDD)

The San Joaquin County EEDD provides employment training, education and economic development services throughout the County. To encapsulate the varied economic development and workforce programs the EEDD created the “WorkNet” brand to promote a one-stop delivery mechanism to benefit employers and job seekers.*


Air Quality Incentives

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD)

The SJVAPCD is a public health agency whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all Valley residents through efficient, effective and entrepreneurial air quality management strategies.* 


The Region & Our City of Manteca

We are a region on the rise. Businesses are expanding, companies are relocating to our city, our workforce is growing, and San Joaquin has one of the nation’s hottest housing markets – driven by buyers seeking excellent schools, close-knit communities, and a great quality of life. 

Throughout the county, there are signs of economic growth: a world-class wine and agriculture industry; Tesla’s 431,000 square-foot manufacturing facility; the Prologis International Park of Commerce with anchor tenants like FedEx, Medline and Amazon; and dozens of company startups or expansions which are all providing hundreds of new jobs. 

The City of Manteca is the third largest city in the County, with over 84,800​ residents. Near Interstate HWY 5, Manteca intersects both HWY 120 and HWY 99 and it is often referred to as the Crossroads of California, lying just 76 miles east of San Francisco, 60 Miles south of Sacramento, and 90 Miles West of Yosemite National Park. The City's size is 21 square miles and housing development is growing rapidly. Great things are happening in Manteca! Great Wolf Lodge recently selected Manteca as the place for their newest 500-room resort and indoor waterpark, which is projected to generate 500,000 tourists per year.

Known as the “Family City,” Manteca offers an abundant variety of more affordable housing choices than the Bay Area, adding 600+ new homes every year.  From 2018 to 2019 the population grew almost 3.4 %.  We are a City experiencing fast growth with more than 3,000 housing permits approved and 9,000 more in various stages of processing.  



Community amenities include Bass Pro Shops, major retails centers, new restaurants, Big League Dreams Sports Park, quality schools and a 50-acre community park. ACE Commuter rail provides convenient access for traveling to and from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, with full Wi-Fi internet access along the way.

The recent opening of the new facility for 5.11 Tactical is now providing quality jobs for local residents, joining Amazon and Medline in reaffirming our strategic location within the region. Distribution, manufacturing, food processing, ag-tech, and advanced medical service firms have all found sites to meet their growing needs, as economic investment and innovation continue to drive Manteca’s economy. Manteca is a great place for business!



Labor Availability

With a workforce of 317,500, San Joaquin County benefits from a large, growing & productive labor pool.  In 2016, the County led the state with a 3.4% employment growth rate and the County has the 15th largest population in the state. San Joaquin County has one of the fastest growing economies in California as well. Between 2013 and 2016, employment grew by10% while population grew by 1.5%.*



Land Availability

An abundance of developable land, industrial parks and build-to-suit spaces, as well as affordable commercial real estate and inexpensive construction costs, makes the Central Valley a leader among all Northern California industrial markets.  The City of Manteca features know available city and broker properties on our opportunities site: click here​.  With 1.2 Million in commercial space currently under development, Manteca is showing unprecedented growth.  Although the City has more land available than open buildings, there are still properties that might suit Planet Hydrogens needs.  Two of which are at 400 Industrial Park which has 88, 533 SF and 255 Northgate Dr., Former K-Mart Building, with 100,000 SF.  Click the link above to see available land space.


Proximity to Engineering Talent

Located very close to the San Francisco’s Bay Area and being a part of Greater Silicon Valley, Manteca has become a bedroom community for both technical and manufacturing workforce talent. In addition, employers are striking talent gold in San Joaquin County due to the proximity of area institutions for higher education.  Regional colleges and universities are providing a pipeline of future workers through valuable learning and training opportunities for students while helping regional employers access a skilled and educated workforce.*

The University of the Pacific is a top-grade resource for regional employers.  In the School of Engineering and Computer Science’s intensive cooperative education program, for example, students work on extensive tech-driven projects for regional companies and public agencies.*

Stanislaus State’s Stockton Center partners with local businesses to provide internships for regional companies, including national leaders like Gallo Winery and Foster Farms.*

Delta College offers more than 79 certificate programs and 42 AA/AS degrees in career technical education fields.  They have campuses in the cities of Stockton, Manteca, and Mountain House.*


Seismic Stability

The City of Manteca sits in the heart of the Central Valley, which is in a more stable seismic zone than the Bay Area.  Looking at the historical activity map below from the USGS interactive map, we see that the Manteca area, located to the right near the middle of the map, has seen little activity, as marked by white circles, compared to the Bay Area. 

Multimodal Transportation Access

With its proximity to the Bay Area, and a transportation network that includes interstate freeways, rail and a deep water port to handle intermodal shipping — as well as an airport that can accommodate extended operation cargo planes — San Joaquin County is poised for economic growth and business expansion. Add to that an existing workforce, commuting options to and from the Bay Area and Sacramento Area, affordable housing and a high quality of life and it's easy to see that San Joaquin County is an ideal area to locate and grow business. *

In 2017 our County completed a number of major infrastructure improvements to make passenger travel and moving goods and services easier. The County completed a freeway extension in Stockton that improves the connection between Interstate 5 and the economically vital Port of Stockton, which moves more than $1 billion in products each year. The County completed its first commuter lanes and widened a stretch of Highway 99 to six lanes to decrease travel times. In 2020 Manteca is scheduled to have a new Highway 120 interchange at McKinley to accommodate better traffic flow throughout our city.  Air travel was expanded at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport with the addition of flights and full-time air cargo service. All around, the County is investing in projects that build our region's capacity, productivity and attractiveness. As our County continues to grow economically through smart investments and collaborations, we invite you to be part of this growth and we strive to be part of yours.*

*Denotes content from the San Joaquin County 2018 Business Guide and Economic Development Gateway Articles.​

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