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Building Permits

​​​​Building Permit Announcement

Beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2020, the City of Manteca will transition to two new electronic means to obtain building permits. These will include both a new permit request website for smaller “over the counter" type projects and another electronic plan review portal for any permits that have documents or plans associated with them. These systems, further explained below, will allow for a more streamlined and expedited manner in which you can apply for permits at any time from anywhere all while in the comfort of your home or office.

​If you have any questions regarding which program or process you should be utilizing please Contact Us or call our office at 209-456-8550.

Minor Permits

Minor “over the counter" permit types including residential water heater replacement, residential re-roof, residential HVAC replacement, commercial HVAC replacement, electrical service replacement, or water softener can be applied for utilizing our online "eSuite" portal. Please submit your permit applications using the eSuite online permit application submittal portal which can be accessed here.

​- For homeowners applying for the permit, you will need your parcel number which can be found on your most recent tax assessment.

- For contractors, during your first visit, you will need to create an account for your company which will allow you to log-in and track all of your permits, inspections, and more. If at any time you have any issues or receive any error messages please Contact Us or complete the eSuite Activation Form and then email it for processing.

Once a permit application is submitted through the online portal our staff will include the applicable fees, review all information, and accept the application once complete. At that time you will be emailed an invoice and the Building Permit Issuance Application which is required to be completed and then emailed back to the staff member assisting you with your application. Lastly, you will be contacted by our staff for payment, and once payment has been made the building permit will be issued and provided to you via email. ​

Electronic Permit Submittals

All other permit types, not mentioned above, will utilize our online plan check portal called “goPost". This system is utilized as an online plan submittal website that is intended to streamline and expedite your plan review process and get your plans approved faster and with less expense of printing, driving, or mailings! The goPost online submittal portal can be found here but please read the information below that will help you through the online submittal process.

As part of the online plan submittal process, there are still several documents, besides your plans and calculations that are required as part of your application package or other prior to permit issuance. A list of all applications, documents or forms required for a complete submittal can be found here. Please keep in mind that all applications and forms shown as required, in addition to many others, are located on our website and most are fillable pdf's for your ease of use.

When utilizing the online submittal process please ensure that your plans and all supporting documents meet the format and file naming format shown in the Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements handout. By following these formats and naming techniques it will greatly expedite your electronic plan review.

In order to help educate our customers, we also have several resources that will hopefully make your experience in utilizing our portal streamlined. Those resources include:

A goPost user manual that explains how to create a project, download corrections, provide a resubmittal or download deliverables can be found here

A video tutorial of the online plan submittal process can be found here

A video tutorial of the online plan submittal process for a correction resubmittal can be found here

A video tutorial of the online plan submittal process for a revision can be found here


Permit Issuance

After your permit has been issued and you've downloaded your deliverables (plans and documents) it is important to note that all plans and documents will be printed and available on site for the contractor and inspectors use during the construction process. Without these plans and documents being onsite our inspector will be unable to complete the inspection and the inspection will be rescheduled. Printing this single set will provide your team and our inspectors the opportunity to see what was approved by the City for both construction and inspection purposes.


After your permit has been issued please visit our Inspections page that explains how to utilize our online inspection portal to track your permits, see inspection history, and also request the necessary inspections for your project.


​If you have any questions, please Contact Us or call 209-456-8550 for assistance.​