City Of Manteca


This is the Internet site for the Successor Agency to the Manteca Redevelopment Agency (Successor Agency) and the Oversight Board to the Successor Agency to the Manteca Redevelopment Agency (Oversight Board). California law eliminated redevelopment throughout the state in February 2012. The law, Assembly Bill X1 26, required the establishment of successor agencies to wind down the remaining vestiges of redevelopment. Each successor agency is required to have an Internet web site .

On this site, the public can view the Successor Agency's Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS) as well as the Successor Agency's initial draft Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS).​ Health and Safety Code Section 34177(l)(2)(C) requires the ROPS, once it has been approved by the Oversight Board, to be posted on the Successor Agency’s internet web site. In addition, Health and Safety Code Section 34179(f) provides that all notices required by law for proposed oversight board actions must be posted on the successor agency’s Internet web site or the oversight board’s Internet web site.

Dissolved by the California Legislature in February 2012, Manteca’s Redevelopment Agency had an exemplary track record for successful projects. During its existence, the Agency built a reputation for developing high quality projects, supporting the business community, and meeting the needs of the residents, who together make Manteca a better city to live, work and play. Redevelopment Agency efforts included projects in the areas of:              

  • Public Infrastructure.
  • Revitalization.
  • Economic Development.
  • Affordable Housing.
  • Neighborhood Preservation.​