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Monday-Thursday7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Fridays8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed Alternate Fridays
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Office Location

1001 W. Center St.
Manteca California 95337

Main Office Phone Number

(209) 456-8050

Administration Department ADMINISTRATION
Tim Ogden - City Manager
The Week In Review Effective September 11, 2017 the City’s The Week in Review has been discontinued. In effort to bring you more up-to-date, pertinent information on City business, the City launched a Facebook page on May 1, 2017. We appreciate all those who have continued to read The Week In Review and invite you to follow us on Facebook, @cityofmanteca or City of Manteca – Local Government.

All documents available for download on this page are in the PDF format and require a PDF reader to view. A free PDF reader is available from the website. If a file is listed but can't be downloaded or viewed or if you experience any problems using this page or any other area of our site, click here to let us know .

TypeTWIR File NameTWIR File DateFile SizeVolumeIssue
TWIR 09.27.17.pdf9/27/2017200.6 KB010031
TWIR 09.08.17.pdf9/8/20171,690.7 KB010030
TWIR 08.31.17.pdf8/31/20171,846.0 KB010029
TWIR 08.25.17.pdf8/25/20171,104.7 KB010028
TWIR 08.17.17.pdf8/17/20171,283.5 KB010027
TWIR 08.11.17.pdf8/11/2017991.7 KB010026
TWIR 08.03.17.pdf8/3/20171,015.5 KB010025
TWIR 07.28.17.pdf7/28/20171,275.4 KB010024
TWIR 07.20.17.pdf7/20/20171,082.4 KB010023
TWIR 07.14.17.pdf7/14/20171,067.2 KB010022
TWIR 06.30.17.pdf6/30/20171,070.1 KB010021
TWIR 06.16.17.pdf6/16/2017841.8 KB010020
TWIR 06.08.17.pdf6/8/2017675.0 KB010019
TWIR 06.02.17.pdf6/2/2017757.5 KB010018
TWIR 05.25.17.pdf5/25/20171,182.6 KB010017
TWIR 05.19.17.pdf5/19/2017850.6 KB010016
TWIR 05.05.17.pdf5/5/2017916.2 KB010015
TWIR 04.27.17.pdf4/27/2017690.9 KB010014
TWIR 04.21.17.pdf4/21/2017894.0 KB010013
TWIR 04.13.17.pdf4/13/2017872.1 KB010012
TWIR 04.07.17.pdf4/7/20171,079.7 KB010011
TWIR 03.30.17.pdf3/30/20171,241.6 KB010010
TWIR 03.16.17.pdf3/16/2017965.2 KB010009
TWIR 03.10.17.pdf3/10/20171,104.1 KB010008
TWIR 02.24.17.pdf2/24/2017793.8 KB010007
TWIR 02.16.17.pdf2/16/2017756.7 KB010006
TWIR 02.10.17.pdf2/10/2017874.3 KB010005
TWIR 02.02.17.pdf2/2/2017458.3 KB010004
TWIR 01.27.17.pdf1/27/20171,378.9 KB010003
TWIR 01.13.17.pdf1/13/2017984.6 KB010002
TWIR 01.05.17.pdf1/5/2017714.8 KB010001
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