City Of Manteca

Homeless Navigation Center

​Navigation Center/Mixed-Use Affordable Housing Project

The City of Manteca, like many jurisdictions, is dealing with the homeless epidemic with very few options to address the issue and assist those suffering from these situations.  Without adequate shelter space, homeless individuals are unable to make measurable improvement to their long-term welfare.  At the most recent point-in-time count in January 2019, the total homeless count in Manteca was 218, compared to 88 counted in January 2017.  While the January 2021 point-in-time count was not able to be conducted, the City is convinced our homeless numbers have increased since the 2019 count.  With these increasing numbers and with lack of affordable housing there is a great need for housing/shelter options within the City.  With only two small women and family shelters services for men, single fathers, and children are sorely missing within Manteca. 

In response to the need for additional housing options for our unsheltered population, the City is moving forward on the development of a Navigation Center, transitional housing, and mixed-use affordable housing at 682 South Main Street.  The project will assist both our unsheltered community and low- to moderate-income individuals with housing and services needed to improve their long-term welfare. 

What is a Navigation Center?

An outcome based shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness.  Different than a traditional one-night-stay shelter, a navigation center is a limited stay program designed to alleviate the pressures of living on the street to support an intense focus of looking for work and/or housing.  In addition to dormitories, navigation centers come complete with onsite administration, intake, offices and meeting rooms for operators and residents, dining and community space, bathrooms, showers, and storage.

Unlike a shelter, a Navigation Center does not require individuals to exit the facility each morning only to return that evening to have a bed.  Navigation Centers allow clients to stay at that facility 24 hours, 7 days a week as long as they are showing progress toward their housing goals and working with a case manager. Additionally, a Navigation Center also lessens the barrier to admittance, allowing clients to bring their partners, pets, and most of their possessions with them.

Project Conceptual Plan

On April 20, 2022, the City took the first step in the development of the project when an Agreement was approved by City Council with LPA to perform a Conceptual Site Design and Analysis for the property at 682 S. Main St. The purpose of this step is to provide an analysis, taking all of the project’s relevant factors into account, to provide the financial implications of the project and assess the building space requirements and the needed unsheltered services based on Council, staff, partnership, and community input.

Public Engagement Opportunities:

• Stakeholders Workshop – July 13, 2021

Who: Agencies and organization within the City of Manteca already providing services to the unsheltered (food pantry, clothing distribution, housing assistance, etc.)
Purpose: To provide input on the draft conceptual site plan. 
Workshop: Participants were divided into three groups and given the opportunity to revise/add/remove elements from the plan based on their experience in assisting the unsheltered community. 
Outcome: input received created three separate site layout options for Community Workshop #1

• Community Workshop #1 – August 10, 2021

To view the video presentation from Community Workshop #1:


To view the PowerPoint presentation slides from Community Workshop #1 please click here.
To view the three site layouts please click here.
Who: All community members were invited to attend
Purpose: To bring the community together to review the project and gather comments on the three site layout options to further refine the final site conceptual plan.
Workshop: Print outs of the three site layouts were located on the wall and participants were able to provide input directly on the layouts with post-it notes and dots (red dot = did not like, green dot = like), indicating which aspects of each plan they liked and did not like.
Outcome: Input received will create one layout option for Community Workshop #2.

• Community Workshop #2

August 24, 2021
6:00 PM
Manteca Transit Center, 220 Moffat Blvd. or
Zoom: 869 7184 1361