City Of Manteca

Homeless Related City Legislation​​​​​​​

Being homeless is not a crime; however, many kinds of public activities are illegal and should be reported to the Manteca Police Department.  In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1 (i.e. if the crime is in progress or about to happen and involves serious personal injury, property damage or property loss), otherwise, call the Manteca Police non-emergency line at (209) 456-8101.

Regulations for the following activities are detailed within the Manteca Municipal Code:


​Manteca Municipal Code Reference

​Aggressive solicitation prohibited
​​MMC 9.44.020
​Alcoholic beverage - open container in public
MMC 9.12.020
​All solicitation prohibited at specified locations
MMC 9.44.030
​Animals (entire ordinance)
​​MMC Title 6
​Animals at large
​​MMC 6.08.010
​​MMC 12.20.030
​Parking for consecutive period of 72-hours - prohibited
​​MMC 10.44.050
​Public urination or defecation
MMC 9.13.020
​Parks and recreation facility use
​​MMC 12.12
​Removal of recyclable material prohibited
​​MMC 13.02.080
​Shopping​ carts
​​MMC 8.22

For additional information and resources, please view the City's Information and Resources for Address Homeless Issues brochure​.​