City Of Manteca

Keeping Manteca Safe & Prepared -   Join the Conversation


Q: Where can I access information about COVID/what I can do to keep my family safe?

A: We are working hard to keep our community healthy and safe, and coordinating closely with county, state and federal officials.  Please visit​s/covid19​  for updates on the City's response, resources and information on what we can do to help as we look forward to the tough road to recovery together. 

Q: Were we prepared for this State of Emergency?

A: As much as any of us are able to be, yes. Now more than ever, residents are relying on local services such as 911 emergency preparedness, public health and safety, and local business and resident support critical to maintain in these uncertain times. We are working hard to ensure our community is prepared for any ongoing or future medical, economical or catastrophic emergency.

 Q: Does the City have capacity to address emergency preparedness or health crises in the future?

A: Yes—if we plan for this in the future. Your  safety is always a top priority for Manteca. In these trying times, we must  continue keeping our community healthy and safe by  maintaining emergency preparedness capacity and emergency communications system to ensure we are “disaster" ready. This current crisis only reinforces the need for us to work together on the long road to continued safety and fiscal recovery. 

Q: What other current City needs may impact Emergency Preparedness and Recovery efforts?

A: While we continue to focus on protecting the health and safety of residents by addressing

immediate COVID 19 response and recovery needs, we know that our city and neighborhood streets in disrepair need to be fixed and maintained. We must repair existing hazards and properly maintain our streets – for our residents as well as First Responders that need to safely and quickly reach people who need help. 

Q: Can the State or Federal governments help Manteca?

A: While we appreciate the work the State is doing to address the health and financial impacts of the current crisis, recent developments  such as the federal small business loans running out, and the lack of adequate state medical supplies only shows Manteca must continue  to be self-reliant.  If we don't help ourselves, no one will. 

Q: What priorities are the city focusing on?

A: In recent community engagement, the public has identified priorities including:

ü  Preparing for any future medical or catastrophic emergency

ü  Maintaining  911 emergency preparedness and disaster readiness

ü  Maintaining neighborhood police patrols

ü  Ensuring adequate fire protection and paramedic capacity/response

ü  Supporting residents and local businesses through Manteca's  local recovery 

Q: How can I provide feedback on the needs?

A:  Let us hear from you online today at [insert link] Your input will help the City plan we work together with you on our financial recovery.