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City Manager - Tim Ogden
City Of Manteca

Community Satisfaction Survey

In 2018 the City of Manteca conducted its first Community Satisfaction Survey, seeking resident’s input on Quality of Life, City Services, City Communication, and Shopping and Economic Development. The Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted from October 5, 2018 through January 6, 2019. A total of 3,010 responses were received.

For the full survey report click here: Community Satisfaction Survey 2018.

Quality of Life:
  • 46% rated their quality of life in Manteca as Good or Excellent.
  • 52% said their quality in life in Manteca had gotten worse over the past 5-years.
  • A majority of respondents either agreed or somewhat agreed that their neighborhood:
    • has a strong sense of community
    • is open and accepting of people with diverse backgrounds
    • people help each other
  • When asked about the level of satisfaction with various aspects of the City, a place to raise a family and our patriotic traditions scored favorably; with cleanliness, retirement destination, affordable housing, and job opportunities generally leaving respondents unsatisfied.
City Services
  • In general, respondents were split between satisfied and unsatisfied when it came to level of satisfaction with city services, 38% to 36% respectively.
  • When asked about specific satisfaction with specific services the following services were rated high among respondents: services for seniors, recreation programs, maintain parks and landscape areas, trash and recycling services, community events, and fire protection services.
  • Respondents were asked to rank eight services/programs/projects by priority. Priority from highest priority to lowest:
    1. Police services
    2. Fire protection services
    3. Road maintenance & Economic development (tie)
    4. Affordable housing
    5. Homeless resources
    6. Parks & recreation facilities & programming
    7. Cultural arts facilities & programs
City Communications
  • When asked where respondents found out about City of Manteca news, services, programs, and events, the top 5 locations were:
    1. City Facebook page (51.49%)
    2. Manteca Bulletin (48.67%)
    3. City website (42.76%)
    4. Friends/family/associates (42.14%)
    5. Utility bill insert (40.09%)
Economic Development
  • Respondents were asked to name 5 stores you would most like to have located in Manteca, the top five were:
    1. Traders Joe’s (42%)
    2. Winco (23%)
    3. Olive Garden (19%)
    4. Whole Foods (15%)
    5. Lowe’s (15%)
Finally, respondents were asked to name one thing that could be changed to make Manteca a better place to live. The following are the highest received responses:
  • Manage homelessness
  • Increase police services
  • Revitalize downtown
  • Repair streets
  • Increase economic development
  • Increase the number of activities