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Last Modified 1/6/2015

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Green Waste Services

Manteca provides both residents and businesses with many green waste options.

Residential Green Waste Services

Green Waste Toter Green Waste Toter Residential green waste is picked up on a bi-weekly schedule, alternating with recycling. Residents may choose which size green waste toter they want to use (32 gal, 64 gal or 96 gal). Toters are placed in the gutter, 3 feet from other toters and 5 feet from any parked vehicles. Toters are to be put out the night before or by 5:00am on their scheduled pick up date. Residents may request a second green waste toter at no additional charge. Any additional toters may be requested at a charge of $14.21 per year.


In accordance with the Manteca Municipal code, Section 8.12.150 Refuse and recycling containers-Location. Paragraph B:

Refuse and recycling containers shall not be placed at the curb prior to sundown on the day prior to collection. All containers shall be removed from curb within such collection day.

The Following Items Are Acceptable In Green Waste Toters

The Following Items Are Not Acceptable In Green Waste Toters

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are normally picked up beginning the first week of January and continuing for 3 weeks. Please remove ornaments and lights from your tree before placing it in the gutter for pick up. Trees are picked up close to your trash collection days. They are taken to the landfill, chipped and used as alternative daily cover. Flocked trees are picked up also. Call 456-8440 for more information.

Toter Collection Calendar

Click HERE to view the 2015 Toter Collection Calendar. (Adobe pdf file)

Commercial Green Waste Services

Green Waste Toter Green Waste Toter

The City of Manteca provides commercial green waste services with green waste bins ranging in size from 2 cubic yards to 4 cubic yards. We can arrange pick up service once a week up to 5 times per week, depending on your needs. This is done at NO CHARGE to the business operator, provided that the green waste remains clean and free of contamination.

The Following Items Are Acceptable In Green Waste Bins

The City of Manteca can provide 40 cubic yard bins for:

These bins are provided at reduced costs and are available on an "0n-call" basis, daily basis, weekly basis or whatever your needs may be. Call 456-8440 for more information.