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Solid Waste Division

Our Profile

The Solid Waste Division consists of 36 employees, all dedicated to serving the needs of this ever-growing community. The Division works as a TEAM, devoted to ensuring that the City's demands are met effectively and that customer service is a top priority.

Drivers operate fully automated and semi-automated side-loaders on residential routes, and front-loaders and rear-loaders on commercial routes.

Yard personnel are dedicated to getting those "community service" bins, oil containers and dumpsters out to you in a timely and efficient manner.

Office staff takes your calls, schedules your deliveries, answers your questions, and logs in all the daily data so we can keep track of what's happening every day.

Our Recycling Coordinator works on educational outreach and meeting the State diversion requirements.

The Division Superintendent oversees the Division, making sure that everyone stays committed to providing the best and most efficient service possible.

Vision Statement

Solid Waste DivisionWe envision the Solid Waste Division to be a public municipal service. Focusing on productivity, our workers perform as a cohesive, supportive and well-integrated group that provides unsurpassed customer service. This workgroup functions interactively with our customers to remove all permissible waste and achieve this community's responsibility towards conserving resources. The well-orchestrated interaction with our customers is the "storefront" to this entire operation that is geared to providing exceptional customer service.

Individually, each worker has strengths that benefit the group as a whole. By respecting the abilities and viewpoints of their coworkers and managers, each worker supports the team effort in accomplishing all work in a safe, timely and effective manner. We see harmony. With each worker making a positive contribution to the group dynamics and efforts of the Solid Waste Division, we can focus on effective and efficient waste removal and diversion while providing quality service to our customers.

Services Provided

Solid Waste VehicleResidential refuse is collected every week in the brown toters. These toters should be placed in the gutter, 3 feet from any other toter and 5 feet from any parked vehicle.

Toters should be put out the night before collection or by 5:00 am on the scheduled day for pickup. All Toter lids need to be completely closed.  Emptied toters must be put away within 24 hours. The City maintains these toters at no extra charge to the customer.

Garbage carts are available and the prices vary according to size: 32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon.

"Extra refuse" stickers are available from the Finance office (1001 West Center St.) or the Solid Waste office (210 E. Wetmore St). These stickers allow you to place out for collection up to three 32-gallon bags of extra garbage that will not fit into your garbage toter.

The City also provides a special service pick-up for large amounts of waste, to be priced on-site.

Residents and businesses may rent commercial-size containers at the commercial rates; these are containers from 2 cubic yards to 6 cubic yards that may be placed curbside or on your property. For those really big jobs, we can also provide drop-box containers from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards at the commercial rates.

Residential service has gone to a three-cart system with the future in mind.

Key Benefits

3-Cart SystemThe three-cart system provides for reduction in the waste output by allowing residents to participate in the recycling and composting programs with greater ease and less frustration, while adding cart-size flexibility according to the customer's needs.

This system also allows for faster and safer pickup by the Solid Waste workers, which helps us to obtain a higher rate of production with less downtime and injuries; this reduces the overall cost to residents.

This system has allowed residential routes to double in size and is flexible enough to go from the current 700-home route partially automated system to a fully automated system capable of 1,000 or more stops in an 8-hour shift.

Contact Information

Solid Waste VehicleFeel free to contact the Solid Waste Division for any information or problems that may arise. We have the solution!

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Telephone: 209-456-8440
FAX: 209-823-3847
Postal address: 1001 W. Center St. Manteca CA 95337
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