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Last Modified 3/26/2015

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General Information

What You Can Do

Know The Rules:

The City of Manteca Water Conservation Program runs all year long, starting January 1, 2015.

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Know Your Home:

Do you know where your water meter is?
Along the edge of the public sidewalk in front of your house, there is a rectangular concrete box with the word "Water" on the lid. The water meter is inside that box.

Do you know where your main water shut-off valve is?
Now that you have found your water meter, you have found one main shut-off. The valve on the property side of the meter will shut off the water. However you need a special tool to turn this valve. There is a second main shut-off valve closer to the house that can be operated by hand.

Do you know where your faucet and toilet shut-off valves are?
Look under your sink cabinets and next to the toilet; there is a valve where the water line comes out of the wall or floor. This valve will shut off the water to each fixture.

Do you know where the majority of water is used indoors? See the pie-chart at the bottom of this page. 

Take a Home Water Audit:
Turn off all the water around the house. Watch the small black triangle in the middle of your water meter or note the location of the sweep hand and check it after 10 minutes. If it moves, you have a leak somewhere. Double check that all fixtures were off during your test. Drop dye tablets or food coloring in the toilet tank. Do not use the toilet for 10 minutes. If any of the dye is in the bowl, you have a leak. Stop, Look and Listen for leaks at all water-using appliances and fixtures. Make any necessary repairs to stop leaks.

Make A Difference:
Use water conservation measures.
Adopt a water conservation lifestyle.
Get the whole family involved in water conservation around the house.

Let Us Help:
Contact the Public Works Department at 456-8400 or email us at for additional information on water conservation measures or to schedule a full water survey of your home or business. Trained City Staff will inspect the site and address ways you can save water and reduce your water bill.

Contact the City Water Department at 456-8466 or email us at to make arrangements for a technician to assist you with programming your sprinkler timer.

Water Usage:
Indoor Water Consumption