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Water Facts

How much water does the average Manteca household use per month?

Jan 8,612 $ 7.48
Feb 8,225 $ 7.14
Mar 10,019 $ 8.70
Apr 11,573 $ 10.06
May 18,055 $16.52
Jun 22,537 $21.61
Jul 29,230 $29.22
Aug 29,405 $29.41
Sep 26,831 $26.49
Oct 25,700 $25.20
Nov 20,018 $18.75
Dec 13,756 $11.95

The difference between Winter use and Summer use is 21,180 gallons or $20.07, mainly from irrigation.

*Based on 2002 flows 

**Based on 2004 rates; cost amount does not include fixed monthly charge of $13.70.

How much water does the average Manteca resident use?

Per capita, about 217 gallons per person per day.


The City of Manteca draws its water from between 100 and 400 feet below the Earth's surface. This water, found in sand and gravel strata, is a result of rainwater percolation, riverbed percolation, and residential and agricultural irrigation. As the water travels downward through the soil, the soil is able to absorb and remove many of the impurities from the water, resulting in a water that is usually clean enough to drink without any treatment.

The treatment of water is a means to improve the quality of water through a process like filtration, distillation, adsorption, ion exchange, or reverse osmosis.

The groundwater quality in Manteca is very good and requires a minimal amount of treatment. One treatment that all water in Manteca receives is chlorinization. Chlorine, a disinfectant, is added to the water as it is being pumped from the ground to prevent bacteria growth in the water distribution system.

In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was passed into law and established primary drinking water regulations designed to ensure safe drinking water for the general public. In 1986, the SDWA was amended to increase the regulations from 18 to 83 contaminants to be monitored. Today, the City of Manteca tests for 172 potential contaminants in our drinking water. The quality of our water is excellent; click here to view the current Consumer Confidence Report.

In addition to testing for contamination, we also take a proactive stance by protecting our water quality through source water assessment and protection. When a well is drilled, we look around the site for up to a one-mile radius to see if there are any activities involving contaminants which could get in the water supply.