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Stanislaus River Near Goodwin Dam

Stanislaus River Near Goodwin Dam

What is the South County Surface Water Supply Project?

The South County Surface Water Supply Project is a joint South San Joaquin Irrigation District, City of Manteca, City of Lathrop, City of Tracy and City of Escalon project which includes the construction of a state-of-the-art water treatment plant at Woodward Reservoir and 40 miles of pipeline to deliver treated water to each of the participating cities.

What is the significance of this Project?

The South County Surface Water Supply Project will enable each of the participating cities to meet their present and future water needs. The project will help preserve groundwater quality and promote regional water management planning, keeping water historically used in San Joaquin County within the County.

Why is this project important to the City of Manteca?

Waterfall at Goodwin DamThe City of Manteca relies entirely on groundwater to meet the water demand of its residents. The current demand overdrafts the existing groundwater supply which, if continued, will result in degradation of our groundwater resources.

While the City’s water supply continues to comply with all Federal and State drinking water standards, measures must be taken to ensure future water quality.

The City of Manteca plans to supplement the groundwater with treated surface water from the South County Surface Water Project to eliminate overdrafting thus preserving groundwater quality for Manteca’s future.

Waterfall at Goodwin Dam