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Last Modified 6/25/2013

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Transportation Engineering

Bicycle Route Master Plan

The Bicycle Master Plan was prepared to set forth a blueprint for developing a system of bikeways within the City of Manteca. The envisioned system builds upon existing on-street and off-street bicycle facilities throughout the City with enhancements to overall connectivity, support facilities, safety and education programs.


You may download the 2003 Bicycle Route master plan here:
Bicycle Route Master Plan (8.8 MB - .pdf file)


Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The purpose of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to reduce the speed and/or amount of traffic on local streets through specific management techniques, possibly including the temporary or permanent installation of traffic control devices.


The primary goal of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to speed the process whereby residents and property owners may obtain relief from traffic-related concerns--specifically the negative aspects of traffic speed and volume on neighborhood streets--and give the Public Works Department the ability to move forward with certain measures to address these negative aspects of traffic without the necessity of consulting the City Council in every instance.


You may download the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program here:
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (1.3 MB - .pdf file)


2009 Traffic Statistics

Each year in March and April the Public Works Department takes traffic counts on major City streets.


You may download the 2009 Traffic Statistics here:
2009 Traffic Statistics (205 KB - .pdf file)


Pavement Management Program

The Public Works Department maintains pavement management data to analyze roadway conditions and traffic volumes and scientifically determine the best order of maintenance for each segment of roadway in the City of Manteca.


You may download the Pavement Management Program PCI Rating Map here:
PCI Rating Map (1.9 MB - .pdf file)