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Last Modified 1/5/2011

NOTICE: Public Works Telephone Numbers Have Changed! Click HERE for a current list of new numbers.
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Public Works Contact Database Listing

The City of Manteca Public Works Department, in addition to other methods, utilizes e-mail to notify and/or
contact contractors and consultants when projects and requests for proposal are published.

It is the responsibility of each company to ensure that their contact information is kept current.

The companies shown here have e-mail addresses on file with the Public Works Department.

TO ADD YOUR COMPANY TO OUR DATABASE OR UPDATE YOUR COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION, Please email to Public Works with the following information:

Company Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Fax Phone Number
Classification (Contractor, Consultant, Supplier, or Builder's Exchange)
Type of work performed
Person to contact(one per company)

Each company is limited to one listing.



Company Name City, State, Zip

In order to limit e-mail spam, the City of Manteca Public Works Department will not share your e-mail address with
third parties and will not place your e-mail address on any website which is viewed by the general public.
If you do not wish to receive e-mail notifications for Public Works projects, please contact us at 209-456-8400.